Well, that’s it then.

tgif (thank god i finished)
tgif (thank god i finished)

And all I can say is THANK GOD. I had a really tough time this year, realizing early on that I hated my story. Hated it. Hated. Still, I forced myself to slog through and finish and, even though I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork every time I sat down at the computer, I’m glad I did. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to print a hard copy of my book so I can throw it on the fire. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Well, that’s it then.

  1. How’d you DO that? (Not finishing, I knew you could do it)….how do you get your “winner” square on your sidebar -and how on EARTH did you that cool thing where you put up your page with your winning on it? Furthermore…..You’re a bettermanthanIamcharliebrown. I was doing fine but hit a chunk I hated – and (against the rules, I think) I carved it out and threw it away. It didn’t affect my word count in the end anyway, and it was untenable. But I’m going to print mine out too, so I can circle any bits (if there ARE any) to perhaps use in another story, or carve out the rest and call it “revision”. Anyway, I am APPLAUDING WILDLY! (Feels kinda good, huh?) Oh – and thanks for the inspiration, it genuinely did help me. For true.

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