Pop Quiz!

You wake up in the morning to find this in your shower:

What should you do?

Now, leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a prize. How about a lovely set of stitch markers created par moi?

61 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!

  1. EEP!! I’d call my Bunny and have him catch & release it. I would NOT be happy about it though. XP

  2. Keep it as a pet! Let it live in your shower, and be very careful not to get it wet. Talk to it every morning.

    Or, smush it with a shoe.

  3. My loved those. He’d catch them and eat the legs off, one by one. He’d leave the body and the antennae. Then my husband had to dispose of them before I had a nervous breakdown.

  4. OMFG!!!

    Scream at the top of your lungs in the highest-pitch possible, so that the neighbors all call the cops to see who died. Eventually, there will come a big beefy fireman with an axe who will slay the mighty beast. Knights in red armor!


    Scream and cuss and get the hubster to capture it in a jar and toss it over the deck.

    BTW, GROSS! Just how BIG was it?

  5. I am now thankful I don’t take my shower first thing in the morning. If I were to see that when I woke up I’d probably wake everyone up with my screaming…wait…no…they’d probably sleep right through my screaming.

  6. I’ve never seen one of those before but depending how big he is he’d be swished down the drain or gathered up in a big wad of TP and flushed! That’s all after I screamed of course. Not ashamed to say bugs ewww me out.

  7. I would shriek, which would draw the attention of the cat (who thinks tubs are fascinating even without insects) and he would deal with it for me. *shudder* Brings back memories of finding a great big spider in the shower on my honeymoon.

  8. No need to enter me! Um, you probably don’t want to know about my taking a drink of water in the middle of the night and discovering that I had one of those IN MY MOUTH.

  9. BLECCCH!! I think that’s a silverfish; when you crush them with a tissue (the appropriate thing to do) they turn to dust. They’re actually small but MAJORLY ICKY!! Time was, I’d use a whole sheet of paper towel, but now that I am Humane and Evolved {shudder} I would use a sheet of Puffs with Lotion and then flush it. Fast. And then flush again just to be sure. And then stay out of the bathroom for a couple of days. Ick, that must mean it’s silverfish season……

  10. (EEEEWWW, Chris! That’ll teach me to read other comments. :p )

    Anyway . . . I’m guessing in your house, the correct answer is “take a picture and show the blog”? I, personally, would squish it. Unless it was too large, and then I’d throw things at it (shoes, balls, shampoo bottles) in the hopes that something would kill it.

  11. It’s a good thing I was warned! Ewww! Those bugs deserve to be flushed down the drain for sure!

  12. I’d rinse it down the drain. The same way I do spiders. Of course I don’t know the scale on this bug, it may be 9″ long. If so, I’d sell my house and move out of state.

  13. Homy crap Batman, that would give me nightmares! Anything with more than four legs does NOT belong in a house. Ever. So what did you do?

  14. EEEEK!!!

    I would offer it to my cat (who obviously is too smart to be conned into doing my dirty work) and then squish it because she would run the other way too.

  15. I hate those things! I find them in my house every now and then, to. If they’re in the tub, I turn on the water and drown the suckers. {{shudder}}

  16. Squish it, but usually via a feline friend. I will pick up my kitty and put her close enough to the bug and then prod the bug until it moves enough to capture the kitty’s interest. Some of the bugs get away, but most of them become an impromptu snack my little fuzzy friend.

  17. Yeah, I’d like to think I’d be all life is important and release it into the wild, but realistically – circle of life for me. It’d be squished faster than I could think about it. I’m impressed you took the picture!

  18. Wow. That’s…kinda creepy. I mean, I vote get it outside, but it’s still icky. I suppose I would simply grab a paper cup and some paper to transport it outside (after having a few shots to steel my nerves, of course)

  19. i would have let it outside. (Is this a silverfish??) I remember waking to find huge centipedes and even was shocked by a cold footed gecko who jumped on me in the shower one morning. Poor thing, i think i scared him more than he did me when i almost drown him.

  20. That is not a good bug like bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, etc. That centipede can be killed. It has millions of siblings; nature expects it to have a short life.

  21. On second thought, I would get Emma to come and she’d follow it around for awhile and then she would eat it.

    Oh sorry–did I mention that she’s a cat?

  22. According to my husband, I have a high-pitched squeal that translates roughly into “I don’t care if you’re naked in the shower with shampoo running into your eyes, come deal with this creature NOW!!!” Just because I might have an issue of indoor co-habitation with anything more than four legs…

  23. Release it into the wild. Including, as I did last week, if the bug is in my neighbor’s shower and she asks for help when I stop by on my way to work. ;)

  24. After living in the tropics for four years, it was par for the course to find something in the shower. I kinda just turned the water on and let whatever gecko/lizard/crawly thing experience some Darwin…

  25. Oh I hate those nasty things! We did NOT have those back in Arizona. Of course, we did have scorpions. And my last house had a ton of cockroaches.

    See my icky surprise here:


  26. well AFTER I’d squished it , I would wonder where its Mummy was – cos the ones I get here can be up to 4″ long – and THEN I’d say grateful thanks that it wasn’t a scorpion… which granted are quite tiny but … eucch … scorpion!

  27. When I living in Texas I once went into the bathroom and found a lizard racing across the floor… OMG! I was freaked out to no end. I killed it. When I told my aunt (who I was living with at the time) about it she told me it was her pet. She was joking — Not funny. In retrospect I would release it into the wild.

    As for this critter you could name it “Sam” and keep it as a pet. :D

  28. You know, I totally thought I’d left a comment. That is so totally not a silverfish. My dad taught us the evil ways of silverfish (they look more like a silver dusty earwig to me…) Centipede huh? I didn’t even know those lived in Connecticut.


  29. It’s Thursday and now I’ve read your post about this critter being a house centipede and how “good” they are to have in one’s house. So now that I know…I’m not sure what I’d do if I were ever so “lucky” to find one. Oh sigh. On the horns of a dilema.

  30. I release everything except ants into the wild. I even talk to the spiders and thank them for doing a fine job rounding up the pests.

    Ants fare far worse. Especially when they get into my food. Dead ant, dead ant, deadantdeadantDEADANTdeadantdeadannnnnnnnntttt… (Pink Panther song)

  31. I am sorry, I know that bugs are good, but my rule is, they stay outside and live, inside and die.

  32. eeewwwwwweee

    My DH says I have a way of saying his name that he knows he’s going to have to deal with something I find horrible!

    Most of the time he squishes it in tissue – I make him throw it away OUTSIDE!

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