Wherein I am a Magic 8 Ball.

The following conversation with my TAS took place on AIM this morning between eight and eight fifteen this morning:

Her: hello!
Me: yo.
(5 minutes later:)
dude, you’re leaving me hanging, AGAIN!!!
I fucking hate that!!
Her: lol, sorry
i ding you
then i’m in the middle of something
Me: ok
what r u in the middle of?
Her: and the stray thought–I wonder how x is?–and oh shit my phone
i’m putting my journals away
Me: ???
Her: kids still aggravating you?
Me: we’ll see
we all just sort of woke up
so not yet
i’ll be a magic 8 ball
“ask again later”
Her: oh good
*shakes you vigorously*
Will I meet my true love today?
Me: “ask again later”
I make a horrible magic 8 ball
I was like, “dude, why is she shaking me?”
Her: lol
magic 8 ball needs more coffee
Me: haha
“signs point to yes”


Across the Ravelverse

(Apologies in advance to John Lennon and Paul McCartney…)

I am queuing up the
Projects that I want to knit the most
I have the yarn at least, that is, according to what’s it my stash
Should I cast on now or wait
Until tomorrow I don’t know
I guess that’s just the way it goes

Jai Bo—-ob deva om
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world

Now it’s time to check up on
The forums and see if there are replies
Or if someone clicked on agree or disagree
Copyright and nudity and swearing are still topical
And then there are random groups that
Make their way across the Ravelverse

Jai Bo—–ob deva om
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world

Browsing patterns stalking yarns
And searching for that perfect hat
Exciting and inviting me
Knitting less but Ravelry is like a drug I don’t want to stop, yes
It calls me on and on
Across the Ravelverse.

Jai Bo—–ob deva om
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world
Ravelry has changed my world

Jai Bo—ob deva
Jai Bo—ob deva

Doozer · Knitting · Persi


Last night, I finished a sweater. For a cat. Doozer hates it. He especially hated when I LOL’d at him for 15 minutes straight.

Lucky for him, it’s for Persi, who was looking very chilly the last time I saw her.

The details are [raveled].

Doozer · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

Can I help you?


Do I lose geek street cred if I could give a flying rat’s ass about Twitter?

Twitter is all the rage right now. Even though it’s been around a while (and so, not exactly newsworthy), it’s suddenly all over the news. Everybody seems to be using Twitter and they can’t shut up about it. NPR programs. Talking heads on CNN. Fictional characters. Cats. I admit, I tried it last year. (I also tried Plurk.) Meh, I say. I mean, I can see why it’s fun and trendy to do this sort of microblogging thing. Even Facebook (with which I have a love/hate relationship) is trying to climb up onto the microblogging bandwagon. But people, do we really need to be connected to teh internetz 24 hours a day, sticking our every banal thought out there into the ether for all to see? Really? This is what we’re all about now? Good gawd, shut off your computer (or your cell phone or what have you) and go outside and look at the sky or read a book or have an actual face-to-face conversation with a living, breathing human being! Or just trying being bored for 5 minutes. What the hell is wrong with being bored? Oh that’s right, nothing.

Oh, and tweet me about it when you get back. I do so enjoy a good 140 character or less update.


Check it out!

First I must admit to having an extremely difficult time keeping my inner teen from making a complete ass of herself all over the internet. Suffice it to say that “Check it out!” is not the title she would have used. Anyway, we had a little excitement around these parts today. Per the vet’s orders, Persi has had a lion cut. Here’s the before:

and the after:

Honestly, I would have prefered the groomer to leave a fluffier mane but, as she was fairly matted up under her chin and neck, it just wasn’t meant to be. She looks ridiculous, but she also seems to be much happier more comfortable. Yay! Now, I’m of to knit this cat a sweater [ravelry] (something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would say).

Knitting · yarn

Where’d I go just now?

I hope you all don’t mind that I took a little blogging break. This week has just been a little weird and I’ve been busy with other, non-bloggable stuff. So, I’m back, and hopefully a bit more regularly. And what, you might ask, have I been doing the last few days that I CAN blog about? Well, for starters, I’ve been knitting:

And I got some sock club yarn (I hope everyone has gotten their packages. CT seems to be the last place to get them…):

and I took field trip with the boys:

Can you guess where?


Because Therapy Yarn

…always makes everything better.

Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. Things are definitely better now. :-)

life · TMI


While out and about today, I hit a major pothole going very fast sorta fast the exact speed limit and blew my tire out. Which meant I had to pull off a very busy highway into a ghetto not-so-nice busy downtown area and change a flat. This also meant I spent most of the time yelling at telling the children to stay in the car and that no, they may not get out and watch.

After I was finished with the tire and had secured the teeny tiny temporary donut in place, I got back onto the highway just in time to witness a hawk swoop under an overpass to capture a pigeon (cool), only to be struck and killed by the car in front of me a split-second later (not so cool). I drove past the poor pigeon, who’d miraculously survived the hawk and subsequent car strike, trying to limp away. It was unceremoniously squashed by the car behind me a few seconds later. I glimpsed the spray of feathers in my rear view mirror.

Sears didn’t have my tire, so I had to go to Goodyear, about 5 miles up the road from there. They didn’t have the tire either, but could get it from the warehouse. I waited the 2 hours in their lobby with my grumpy/hungry/tired kidlet. When I went up to pay, they told me that I’d damaged the wheel rim and would need a new one from the dealer.

On the way back to pick up the other kidlet, I decided to pick up some fast food. I had a severe IBS attack about 2 hours later.

There was some other stuff, which I’m not going to go into detail about, but you can rest assured that it was just as craptastic as the rest.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is better.


Baby Surprise Heretic

I had this whole other post written up about how, even though the BSJ is somewhat of a sacred cow in the blogoknitosphere, that it’s really only an OK knit and that I probably wouldn’t do it again, that the pattern is too much of a PITA (I mean seriously, you shouldn’t have to have a support group and a spread sheet to get through the pattern for a teeny little baby sweater!!) and that the finished knit is really not that cute (sure, it’s cute enough, but there are lots of cute baby sweater patterns out there. Lots.). I wrote that post after I’d finished knitting the sweater but before I’d sewn the sleeves or added buttons or blocked.


Then, I sewed up the seams, attached the little buttons, and blocked it.


I think I’m hooked.  The details are [raveled].