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Another Sheep Show Gone By

I love the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival, but I am a bad bad blogger. I neglected to take any pictures. I am happy and tired, though, and a good time was had by all. I met up with some Ravelers and had a wonderful chat with the the guy from the Merlin Tree about my antique great wheel. Isaac discovered needle felting and I purchased my first fleece.

Luckily, I snagged a few copies of Spin Off from a woman on Ravelry who was destashing them a couple of weeks ago.

I also brought home a sunburn.

5 thoughts on “Another Sheep Show Gone By

  1. Lovely mags. I snagged some old ones for free at a local event last fall. Still need to read them…

    Lovelier fleece. I bought one at the Estes Park Wool Market last June (where I took no photos). Still have yet to process it.

    If failing to snap some pics makes one a bad blogger, well, then…

    I must stop now. I am feeling inadequate on all fronts.

  2. Wow. I was looking at all those ginormous bags drifting around, and thinking “I bet that’s way cheaper than buying some of the pretty already prepped stuff.” But, I got my pretty, multi-colored mystery fiber anyway.

    I feel pleasantly sun-sick, even though I’m only “this one time, I saw a light source that wasn’t my computer screen” sunburnt.

  3. I had a good time too. :) and one doesnt need to take pics to be a good blogger. what matters is that you BLOGGED!

    now, ME, I’m a bad blogger.

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