Cardigan Disquietude

Harumi has been on a time out for a couple of weeks. I made all the way to page four of the pattern and came to the following instruction:

and I could not work out what to do next. I mean, WTF?! I was stumped but good. Furthermore, I had no idea how I was supposed to incorporate the new stitches into the lace pattern (or the garter column). So, I shoved Harumi to the bottom of my knitting basket and caught the spinning bug. I finished my spinning project in progress and ordered more fiber.

I knitted a dishcloth. Then I knitted another one. Finally, I was ready, so I hauled out the instructions and found this on page 3:

It really does help if you read the instructions, you know.

This is how far I’d gotten without working the lace pattern into the increase stitches.

So I put in a life line.

And frogged the shit out of it.

I tell you, if I did not enjoy knitting… Well, let’s just say that it’s a good think I like knitting.