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O Hai!

Hey there! I know I haven’t posted since Saturday and that Wednesday is usually for Whiskers on Wednesday. I just can’t bring myself to post another picture of the cats today. (I know heard some of you cheer. Cut that out.) Frankly, the cats have not been all that interesting lately. They’re officially buddies now, so they spend all night running off their kitty krazies by playing tag and wrestling and discussing the finer points of Quantum mechanics and then they spend all day sleeping. Doozer, being three times (literally!) Lolly’s size, is surprisingly gentle with her and she is surprisingly loud when she feels like she’s not getting the better of him. So, it all works out in the end.

So, here’s some random stuff  that’s happened since Saturday:

I finished a pair of socks, just in time for the freakish 90° weather of a Connecticut spring.


I finished another dishrag for my TAS. I figure I’ll add a pretty soap dispenser or something to go with it. Voila! Housewarming gift completed.


A friend of mine has learned to spin and this has inspired me to also get my first spinning project out. Well, that and the fact that I picked up a fleece at the CT Sheep & Wool festival. But that particular project is going to require me to fix/renovate/restore my Great Wheel. And then learn how to spin on it.

And now there’s BFL in my coffee.

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Another Sheep Show Gone By

I love the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival, but I am a bad bad blogger. I neglected to take any pictures. I am happy and tired, though, and a good time was had by all. I met up with some Ravelers and had a wonderful chat with the the guy from the Merlin Tree about my antique great wheel. Isaac discovered needle felting and I purchased my first fleece.

Luckily, I snagged a few copies of Spin Off from a woman on Ravelry who was destashing them a couple of weeks ago.

I also brought home a sunburn.

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Bad News, Good News

Bad News: There’s now way in hell I’m going to be able to finish the No-Purl Monkey socks (or the Harumi Cardigan for that matter) in time for the CT Sheep & Wool festival tomorrow.

Good News (I guess): It’s going to be entirely too hot for socks (and/or sweaters).

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A Joke

Last night, at dinner, E3 told a joke he thinks says he made up. In his best Darth Vader impression he intoned, “Use the fork, Luke. It’s dinnertime!” Then he gathered up his sippy cup and his light saber and promptly fell asleep on the floor.

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Bring Enough Knitting

One of my favorite things about being a knitter is that, as long as you remember to bring your knitting with you, you always have something to do.  But you have to make sure you bring enough. For example, this past weekend, I was doing a volunteer thing and was away from home (and teh internetz!) for a long time two days in a row. The first day, I went out of the house with my current sock in progress and an extra cake of sock yarn. I figured that I’d be away from home long enough to finish the one project and start on another. Only, when I sat down and got out my knitting, I couldn’t remember if I’d done the foot of the other sock with 5 repeats or 7 before turning the heel. And I didn’t want to have to frog back 2 repeats if I didn’t have to. I would have started the new sock, but I’d neglected to bring another set of needles. Lesson learned: ABEN (always bring extra needles).

The second day, I was naturally more prepared and packed 4 projects: my sock in progress, the new sock, some cotton yarn and a set of needles for a dishcloth for my TAS, and my sweater in progress. Having checked in with the other sock, I knew that I needed to do 7 pattern repeats before turning the heel. I did the pattern repeats, but decided that turning the heel would take more concentration that I had available to me, so I put it aside and got out my sweater project. I had two rows left to do before starting the lace pattern (for which there is an errata in my size and, naturally, I didn’t print out the errata before leaving home). Also, lace requires concentration and focus which I just didn’t have at that moment. So I put that down and took out the new sock, finishing the toe before realizing I hadn’t settled on a pattern for the rest of the sock. I stuffed it back into my bag, to be knitted after browsing Ravelry for patterns.

The dishcloth is what saved me that day.

Even if I could have been paying a little more attention…

Lolly · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers On Wednesday

Today, let’s just say that a certain SOMEone has not been behaving in a manner conducive to healing as it pertains to her recent surgical procedure.


Oh look, some knitting!

Contrary to appearances around here of late, I have been knitting.

My creation

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