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UPDATE: The widgets are fixed, hurrah!

NaNoWriMo continues. The word count widgets are broken (as you can see in my sidebar there) but we all soldier on. Actually this year so far has been really fun for me. Not like last year which was pretty much like having teeth extracted every single day for about three weeks. Blech. No, this year has been a fun and wild ride! I’ve had one character get tazed and kidnapped by government agents, while another character got fired from his job at Starbucks, and last night, two of my characters boosted a car! My word count, as of this morning, stands at 16,833. It was the easiest and funnest 16,833 words I have ever written. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by saying that out loud in public.

And, I’ve been knitting too! The other night, I wrote well past my daily quota by the time the kids were in bed, so rather than spending the rest of the evening writing, I watched TV with the hubs and knitted. Using my own handspun, my first handspun, I cast on Ganomy at 9 pm and by 1 am I was finished:


How is your November going?

2 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Don’t EVEN get me started on the whole health care thing. President O should get a big clump o’ mommies and ask what WE think. Have it taken care of lickey-quick. On the other hand…my knitting is suffering too, but I’m on task with my NaNo-worstbookintheuniverse-WriMo. Having as much fun as I did last year, but I STILL forget to write things down like seasons, places, &c. If a movie was made of it, they’d be hopping around like Mexican jumping beans and wearing snowboots in the morning and going swimming at noon. As a fellow local WriMo says, “That’s what December is for.” (Yeah…December ’09 through December ’49)

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