Saturday Sky — a thousand words.

This post today over at The Painted Sheep, reminded me of this extremely thoughtful and thought provoking post that my TAS (Totally Awesome Sister) wrote a couple of years ago about how she senses the change in seasons by noticing the color of the sky.

The sky begins to pale. At the height of summer, early in July, the heavens are a bright, clear, glorious cobalt blue, thick and saturated, soft like a velvet blanket. But come August, weeks after the Solstice, the velvet lifts, the blue grows thin, perhaps transparent. It pales to a weaker, whiter blue, like cerulean. The soft velvety thickness of the color is gone, replaced by a thin gauze: wispy and fluttering in the breeze–the blushing veil of Winter’s Bride.

My sister truly is a wonderful writer and I often think how her blog is so much better than mine. Do check out her whole post and savor the rich language as we head into the end of Autumn and winter’s silvery skies.