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Fatties Run Around Outside and Have Fun

Cross posted from Fat Sisters because I am a lazy fatty fat. ;-)

Getting in some exercise doesn’t have to be the torturous chore it so often is (for me anyway). We have had an inordinate amount of snow around these here parts so these two Fat Sisters went out this weekend and hit the local sledding hill.

When we were done sledding, we had a vigorous snowball fight. It was truly joyful movement and a good time was had by all. Anyone else out there having fun in the snow?

*the title of this post is a phrase that was uttered a few months ago on a Two Whole Cakes Fatcast by Lesley Kinzel as she described her idea of a perfect Fat Camp. Sounds pretty good to me too.

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Thoughts on a Death in the Family

So, my uncle, the younger of my father’s two brothers, died on Friday. Honestly, sadly, I’m not much affected by it; I barely knew him. I know that eight of my forty-five cousins are his children, and my heart hurts for them, but I can’t even remember the last time I saw him or anyone his family. I’m certain I was a young child, perhaps even as young as Isaac. I guess, for reasons I am only vaguely aware of, my dad didn’t have much of a relationship with him. It’s a shame, really, but it makes me realize how very lucky I am that I have a totally awesome sister whom I love, who is in my life, and whose company I enjoy very much.

Thanks mom and dad, for giving me such a great baby sister to love.

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Shawl Progress

Remember this?


For my sister’s birthday, in September, 2009, I bought for her the yarn for this shawl with the promise of the finished shawl for that following Christmas.  It’s taking rather a bit longer than that, as evidenced by the thing still haunting my knitting basket. As much as I enjoy lace knitting, and I do enjoy it, it’s something that’s really difficult for me to do and so takes a long time. Anyhow, I AM making slow progress on it and today I took it out to show her how it’s coming along. But while futzing around with it, trying in vain to get a decent photo of it, some stitches dropped off the needle! I was too panicked to get a good photo of my sad, sorry attempt to save them.


Luckily my sister, like me, isn’t much of a perfectionist and won’t mind this mistake (or the many others).

I only have four more pattern repeats in this section to do and then it’s on to the edge! I might even have the thing finished for her in time for next Christmas. Maybe.


Saturday Sky — a thousand words.

This post today over at The Painted Sheep, reminded me of this extremely thoughtful and thought provoking post that my TAS (Totally Awesome Sister) wrote a couple of years ago about how she senses the change in seasons by noticing the color of the sky.

The sky begins to pale. At the height of summer, early in July, the heavens are a bright, clear, glorious cobalt blue, thick and saturated, soft like a velvet blanket. But come August, weeks after the Solstice, the velvet lifts, the blue grows thin, perhaps transparent. It pales to a weaker, whiter blue, like cerulean. The soft velvety thickness of the color is gone, replaced by a thin gauze: wispy and fluttering in the breeze–the blushing veil of Winter’s Bride.

My sister truly is a wonderful writer and I often think how her blog is so much better than mine. Do check out her whole post and savor the rich language as we head into the end of Autumn and winter’s silvery skies.

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O Hai!

Hey there! I know I haven’t posted since Saturday and that Wednesday is usually for Whiskers on Wednesday. I just can’t bring myself to post another picture of the cats today. (I know heard some of you cheer. Cut that out.) Frankly, the cats have not been all that interesting lately. They’re officially buddies now, so they spend all night running off their kitty krazies by playing tag and wrestling and discussing the finer points of Quantum mechanics and then they spend all day sleeping. Doozer, being three times (literally!) Lolly’s size, is surprisingly gentle with her and she is surprisingly loud when she feels like she’s not getting the better of him. So, it all works out in the end.

So, here’s some random stuff  that’s happened since Saturday:

I finished a pair of socks, just in time for the freakish 90° weather of a Connecticut spring.


I finished another dishrag for my TAS. I figure I’ll add a pretty soap dispenser or something to go with it. Voila! Housewarming gift completed.


A friend of mine has learned to spin and this has inspired me to also get my first spinning project out. Well, that and the fact that I picked up a fleece at the CT Sheep & Wool festival. But that particular project is going to require me to fix/renovate/restore my Great Wheel. And then learn how to spin on it.

And now there’s BFL in my coffee.


Wherein I am a Magic 8 Ball.

The following conversation with my TAS took place on AIM this morning between eight and eight fifteen this morning:

Her: hello!
Me: yo.
(5 minutes later:)
dude, you’re leaving me hanging, AGAIN!!!
I fucking hate that!!
Her: lol, sorry
i ding you
then i’m in the middle of something
Me: ok
what r u in the middle of?
Her: and the stray thought–I wonder how x is?–and oh shit my phone
i’m putting my journals away
Me: ???
Her: kids still aggravating you?
Me: we’ll see
we all just sort of woke up
so not yet
i’ll be a magic 8 ball
“ask again later”
Her: oh good
*shakes you vigorously*
Will I meet my true love today?
Me: “ask again later”
I make a horrible magic 8 ball
I was like, “dude, why is she shaking me?”
Her: lol
magic 8 ball needs more coffee
Me: haha
“signs point to yes”