holiday cheer

A Sinister Marketing Ploy or WORSE? Dun dun duunnnnn….

I was goofing around the other day with the holiday specs that have been hanging around since our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Interrupted (maybe even before that). I was snapping pictures of our nifty new Phillips LED lights that I picked up at Target at the end of the season last year,

when I noticed something odd.

How about a closer look?

And here’s one up by the ceiling:

I don’t know about you, but to me it appears that the letter “P” is being projected onto the wall by the green LED bulbs of my Christmas lights! None of the other lights seem to project a letter P (or any other shape for that matter), so what the hell? Is it some sort of subversive marketing campaign? If so, WHY? I ALREADY PURCHASED YOUR LIGHTS, PHILLIPS. Or maybe it’s that you are attempting to subtly infiltrate my Christmas pictures as a sort of subliminal advertising message for my relatives? Well FUCK YOU if that’s the case Phillips. I’m cropping your crappy-ass “P” out!

Or perhaps am I just crazy?