The Light at the end of the Tunnel

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that point in a project when you go from “just trying to push through” to “holy crap, I’m actually going to finish this thing”. Every project has that point. With cuff-down socks, for example, I experience that sensation as I near the beginning of the toe decreases. If it’s a scarf, that point happens when I realize that I’m almost out of yarn. When I get to that point in a project, I tend to drop whatever else it is I happen to be working on (or other things that need to get done–dishes? laundry? don’t bother me, I’m knitting) and turn the attention of my entire being toward the project’s completion. Every nerve trembles as I knit intently, singularly focused on casting off the project and experiencing the satisfaction of a newly finished object.

At some point during my obsession with slippers, I realized suddenly that I had crossed that line with my sweater and before I could cast on a single slipper, I had to finish the sweater.

Here you see it laid out for buttonhole placement. I have only to finish the button bands and then to execute my grand plan for the yoke. So close. So close. They should’ve sent a poet.*

*bonus points if you can cite the reference!

7 thoughts on “The Light at the end of the Tunnel

  1. I *kinda* feel that way about the sock I’m knitting now (with the yarn you gave me! so pretty!), but at the same time, I have, right now, in my room, two sweaters, and two pairs of gloves, as well as a hat/scarf/glove set for myself, and I am very excited about the sweaters, very obligated to finish the gloves, and very in need of the set.

  2. Sadly I have no clue on the reference. But the sweater looks great and the kitty is very cute! And, in that picture, either about to get scooped up and cuddled for cuteness, or swatted for playing with Mom’s knitting… :)

  3. I do that, too!! That last little push to finish a project–it’s like I MUST work like crazy because I’m alllllllmost there.

    Also, love your kitty. :D

  4. Jen! It looks so cute on you too! Can’t wait to see it all finished! Or to have you guys over again so you can work on it while the kids are playing.

    No clue on the reference either.

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