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A Few Incidental Snippets

1. I finished knitting on my sweater just a couple of hours after my last blog post.

2. Work on the yoke has commenced; pictures soon.

3. I have been riveted by the news coming out of Haiti. If you haven’t already, go to your preferred aid organization and give what money you can. Every bit helps.

4. The Mr. and I have started watching True Blood.

5. I have mixed feelings about this, being categorically opposed to post-Anne Rice vampire tales on the one hand, and needing solid entertainment while knitting on the other.

6. I worry that I might find myself saying things like “fangtastic”.

7. I ordered a iPod touch using our American Express reward points.

8. It is awesome.

9. The only thing that would make it better would be a camera.

10. And access to the internet wherever I go.

11. A dedicated Mafia Wars app would be nice too.

12. Here is a recent picture of Doozer, LOLtagged for your LMFAO convenience.

3 thoughts on “A Few Incidental Snippets

  1. You might like the Sookie Stackhouse books (on which True Blood is based) by Charlaine Harris. I read them and they were fun. Not great books, but well written and fun.

    And that’s saying something, cuz you know how I feel about vampfic.


    You *should* be watching White Collar for your while-knitting entertainment. Because it. is. AWESOME!!!!!!

    (And if you start using terms like “fangtastic” you will be forced to join

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