Why my cat thinks this is the worst bed and breakfast ever.

Firstly, the service here sucks. The humans make her wait all the way until 7 am to put out fresh food in the morning. And until dinner (which is often late), there’s nothing to eat except stale cereal. Honestly, how do they expect her to eat those foul pellets? GAH!

Secondly, the bathrooms do not meet her exacting standards. At first, it was fine, a nice little box, next to the scat bowl the humans use, but then they decided to put her litter tray right up in the scat bowl!* She is highly suspicious of this, but when  she decided to make her own scat on the cleaner, slightly less stinky floor, the human female moved the food service into the bathroom! WTF? This has forced her to use the litter tray and she is not happy about it.

Thirdly, the other feline resident constantly chases and harasses her, pouncing on and biting her, in spite of her loud and growly protests. Oh sure, he’s happy to wash her face every now and then, but for the most part he is as annoying as the little humans that are always trying to pick her up and cuddle her. Something else she utterly despises.

She would like to move, but finds the outside world altogether terrifying.


*we are in the process of kitty potty training