Dishrag of DOOOOM!

The other night, after the boys were asleep and the Mister and I were settling in to watch Lost (we’re only on season 2, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE! kthxbai), I was pondering which of all my current works in progress I was going to work on. What’s a knitter to do when none of them sounds appealing? Cast on something new, of course!


This project has been doomed, DOOMED I SAY!, from the start. Even before I’d cast on a single stitch, I’d turned my ball of yarn into a completely tangled mess. Then, as I’ve tried to learn this new (to me) technique, I’ve had to frog the entire thing, not once, not twice, but THREE times so far. The only reason I’ve persevered is because solving puzzles is fun. Hah. Thank goodness for this tutorial from Knitted Kitty. Has anyone else tried the Garterlac Dishcloth (or any other type of entrelac)? What did you think?