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Catching you up

Sometimes you go so long without making a blog post that re-entry is awkward and difficult without an “I’m sorry I haven’t blogged” sort of statement. Generally I try to avoid those because, hey, blogging is a hobby and sometimes I have time for it, and sometimes I don’t. Suffice it to say that not only was July a very busy month, but I have also spread myself rather thin in the social media sphere. I have two blogs, a ravelry, a tumblr, a twitter, and a Facebook and trying to figure out how to integrate them all (or even in part) has been tricky. I mean, I don’t want the tumblr (or the Ravelry) to replace blogging and I don’t want the twitter to replace Facebook. I want them all to sort of support each other. But I haven’t quite managed to solve that puzzle yet. [sigh]

So, what have I been up to, besides not blogging, raveling, tumblring, twittering on occasion, and Facebooking? My last couple of weeks, let me show you them.

1. The Tour de Fleece got finished:

It was seriously fun and I am definitely going to do it again next year.

2. There was a Webs excursion:

I didn’t get much this time. I was mostly along for the ride with a friend who was buying yarn for her holiday knitting.

3. There has been knitting progress:

(click each photo to be taken to the Ravelry project page)

And that’s it, you’re all pretty much caught up now. How has your summer been so far? Keeping busy?

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More Random Stuff

1. The Tour de Fleece is still going and I am still spinning. I made a nice fat hank of Corriedale yarn and started on the Romney fleece.

2. Corriedale is nice to spin, but I still prefer BFL.

(oh how I miss the Kanye Interrupts meme.)

3. There are 6 lbs. of the Romney fleece. I’ve spun exactly 2 ounces and I am already sick of it.

4. You cannot spin at the beach. At least, I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Perhaps w/ a drop spindle, but I don’t fancy sand in my fiber, so no.

5. We’ve been at the beach a lot. But, evidently it’s jellyfish season and since E4 appears to be allergic to their stings, we might not go back for a while.

6. I’ve started the rewriting process on my NaNo. It’s pretty terrible, but not as terrible as I thought. And I think I know where I’m going to start. I think.

7. I was going to work on it this morning, but I spent too much time making the Kanye Interrupting Sheep image and now I have to do houseworky things. Stoopid never ending houseworky things.

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Random because that all I’ve got right now

1. My energy levels have been all wonky lately, hence the quietness of The Blog.

2. I am working on it w/ my Doctor, but in the mean time, I’ve been spending a lot of time on tumblr. If you aren’t familiar with tumblr, it’s kind of like a step up from twitter. If twitter is a micro-blog, then tumblr is a mini-blog. I’m still trying to get the hang of it, but ya’ll? I really like it. Check it out. You have to be a tumblr follower of mine to leave a comment (which means you have to have a tumblr account) or you can just subscribe to my tumblr rss feed. Either way is cool, but you know how I love the comments.

3. I was playing around with Plurk for a while, as a possible replacement to Facebook, but not enough none of my FB buddies were similarly motivated to follow me over to Plurk, so I give up. I will focus on Twittering and Tumblring instead.

4. Speaking of Twitter, I gave in. I guess now that it’s not in the news every two seconds, it’s more tolerable. The only problem is I find I get that stupid Fail Whale a lot. Twitter, if you’re going to be the “in” thing, please get some more servers! Which reminds me. I am troubled that it isn’t immediately apparent how Twitter makes money. There aren’t any ads that I can see. So, where are they getting the scratch for that operation? It’s a mystery.

5. PEOPLE!! TOUR DE FLEECE STARTS TODAY!!! Are you participating? I’m on Team Hoar!

My plan, since I am new to Tour De Fleece, is to just spin every day and get through as much of my fiber stash as I can. Granted, I am a new spinner, and my stash is not as enormous as it could be, but I do have a fair amount of fiber. Right now I have some Spunky Eclectic Corriedale on my bobbin. When that’s done I’ll move onto the Romney fleece that I’d had processed a while back. There’s a crapton of that, but if by some miracle I get through it all, I will move onto the alpaca and then the quiviut blend that I picked up at the Sheep and Wool Festival in April. GO TEAM HOAR!

6. I started a new sock:

Hopefully, this sock with this yarn will get finished this time.

7. I finished a scarf for E4.

Yes, it is a fun-fur scarf. Yes, I knitted it against my will. But, before you knock the fun-fur scarf, keep in mind that the whole thing only took up about an hour of knitting time. Maybe less. And, when people see the fun-fur scarf, they think you are a god damned genius.

8. We are dog sitting.

My friend and her family went out to Salt Lake for 3 weeks to visit family. Things are going well on this end. Sandy is a very good dog, but she still finds the cats to be terrifying, stabbity creatures. Doozer is still being kind of a jerk, although Lolly has warmed up to her quite a bit. No pictures of them all together, though. It usually doesn’t end well.

9. I’ve printed my NaNo 2009 for a reread/rewrite. I think this could be a good book, ya’ll. But it needs some work. A lot of work. And when I say “a lot”, I mean a LOT. Interested in being a reader? Leave me a comment. I’d love some feedback on it.

And that is all. The Blog is now updated. How’ve you all been?