tries and fails to come up with a pithy title for this post.

I had a busy week this week, trying to get on top of all the houseworky things I have been neglecting. I started packing up the kids’ summer clothes and headed to the second-hand store to pick up some things they’ll need for cooler weather. I am so ridiculously excited for cooler weather that I cast on a new project:


  • Long fingered Purple Knucks
  • ONline Supersocke
  • Size 2 needles

This is a great pattern! It’s fun and it knits up quickly. Yes, it’s a tad fiddly, but so worth it! Not sure I care about the yarn (it’s a bit scratchy) but I’m pressing on in the  hopes that a nice soak in some Soak will take care of it.

What have (or will) you cast on to celebrate cooler weather?