Random Baby Surprise Jacket

When my friend Adrienne announced at the beginning of summer that she would be knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of her college professors, I knew I just had to make one too. I don’t know why. I’m not having a baby. I figured I could just put it in a box and save if for if we ever decide to have another one, or if anyone I know has a baby. And then I got tendonitis again, and I almost put this project on semi-permanent hibernation. But, as soon as my arm was feeling better, the noodle-cooking siren song that is the BSJ drew me right back in and I finished it.


Now, onward.


Rethinking Holiday Knitting

I have knitted holiday gifts for my close family members (5 people all together, since I don’t count the kids or my hubs) every year since I started knitting in 2003. As far as I know, these gifts were well received and appreciated. But this year, my heart just isn’t in it. I’m having a tendonitis flare-up and I realized that I’m just not a fast enough knitter to knit for everyone I know and still be able to knit the things I want for myself. Besides, how many cozies (head, neck, hand, foot) do people need?

A very good friend suggested that each year I pick one family member to knit for and I think this is a pretty darn good solution. It will give me a much needed break from Santa’s workshop, and it will make those items I’ve made before even more dear. So, this year, I pared my to-knit-for list down to one. And it is an enormous relief.

grumble · Thursday.

Dear John Stewart:

OMG, you guys! I went to see the Daily Show today! It was the first day out I’ve had sans kids in a very very long time (thanks, hubs! You’re the best ever!) and it was a lot of fun. They must have the hardest working staff in television. They put on such a great show. There is one thing I would like John Stewart (and his security staff) to know, however. No self-respecting knitter would ever (EVER) use her (or his!) needles as a shiv. I mean seriously. It would get blood all over the wool. Just a little FYI. You know.

cute kids · life

Deep Thoughts

I had the following thoughtful conversation with my 4-year-old when we got home from running errands today:

Him: Mommy, do dogs get old and die?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do people get old and die?
Me: Yes.
Him: People use food to grow up, so I don’t want to eat food and grow old and die.
Me: *sigh*  E4, you need to eat food to live. Do you want to live?
Him: Yes.
Me: Then you need to eat food.
Him: Do mommies get old and die?
Me: Yes, but I’m not going to get old and die for a long long long long time.
Him: Do kids get new mommies when their mommies die?
Me: No, honey. You only get one mommy.
Him: But what would happen to me?
Me: Oh honey. If I died, daddy would take care of you. And aunt Rachel, and Grandma Uma, and Bumpa, and Grandma Suzanne and PopPop Justin. Lots and lots of people love you as much as mommy and daddy love you, so I don’t want you to worry about that, okay?
Him: Okay.
Me: Now, do you want to eat something?
Him: Okay.

It’s hard being a parent sometimes.