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Why yes, I AM still alive.

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I just stopped by to brush a few cobwebs away. Here’s a quick update:

1. I finished the Knucks, although not in time for Rhinebeck. Which was totally okay because it was way too hot for fingerless gloves at Rhinebeck anyway.

I love this colorway.

2. I know some of you (like me) are into this sort of thing (you perverts!), so here is a picture of the inside:

I seriously considered weaving the ends into the knit side so I could wear them with the purl side out.

3. After I finished the Knucks, I cast on for a pair of Felted Clogs. I’ve finished one clog, but seem to have second slipper syndrome and have been spending a lot of time fantasizing about working on something different.

4. Did I mention I went to Rhinebeck? I didn’t buy much, just this:

and a little bit of spinning fiber. Any wonder I am feeling a little bit of second slipper syndrome?

5. NaNoWriMo is looming (heh heh heh). I have no idea what I’m going to write about. No characters, no plot, no nothing. This should be interesting.

How’ve you been?

4 thoughts on “Why yes, I AM still alive.

  1. Oooh a loom! Love it – I want one too.

    And thos are nice Knucks. I wouldn’t have blamed you for wearing them purl side out.

  2. Cool!!! Looms are lots of fun. Well, once you get past the warping part. ;) I signed up for NaNoWriMo, too, and I’m completely at a loss. I had an idea back in September, but now I’m not so enamored with it.

  3. Ooh, a loom. You’re going to have some fun with that! Come to Stitches tomorrow so we can all play together. Leah and I will be there for the afternoon.

    BTW, I resurrected my blog. Come see why. :-)

  4. I haven’t written squat– fandom or otherwise– in far too long. Work’s been crazy and life, too, and I need November to ease up so I can … put some stuff down and just get some thoughts out. Preferably original ones.

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