Martha’s Vineyard Post

So, my in-laws invited us to share some of their vacation with them in Martha’s Vineyard.

But you’re not here for family vacation photos! You’re here for the alpacas! Unfortunately my camera had gone missing by this point, so I only got some pictures with my cell phone. And not all the pictures I should have gotten either. :-(

I really enjoyed the alpaca farm, even though our nav system took us there by the most backroady backroads imaginable.

(insert picture of a one lane dirt road in the woods here)

We arrived just in time to watch the alpacas eat their lunch. So cute!

Even my hubs had a good time. He asked lots of questions about alpaca keeping. I was adamant that we may NOT bring an alpaca home, even though they are sweet and adorable.

There were babies. And mamas.

(insert picture of the alpaca farmer, a charming Frenchman, holding up one of the babies for me to pet)

One baby was less than 24 hours old.

(imagine a picture of a sleepy, wee, still damp baby alpaca and his overly protective mama)

Souvenirs were procured (click to embiggen).


So, if you are ever able to make it up to Martha’s Vineyard, be sure to check out Island Alpacas. It’s well worth the drive, even if you get lost on the back roads.


What a week!

We’ve just returned from Martha’s Vineyard, exhausted and with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and sand. Also spinning fiber. Did you know there’s an alpaca farm there? I took pictures of course, but will have to post them later. Watch this space!


tries and fails to come up with a pithy title for this post.

I had a busy week this week, trying to get on top of all the houseworky things I have been neglecting. I started packing up the kids’ summer clothes and headed to the second-hand store to pick up some things they’ll need for cooler weather. I am so ridiculously excited for cooler weather that I cast on a new project:


  • Long fingered Purple Knucks
  • ONline Supersocke
  • Size 2 needles

This is a great pattern! It’s fun and it knits up quickly. Yes, it’s a tad fiddly, but so worth it! Not sure I care about the yarn (it’s a bit scratchy) but I’m pressing on in the  hopes that a nice soak in some Soak will take care of it.

What have (or will) you cast on to celebrate cooler weather?


i can has muzak?

This made my (earlier than usual) morning!!

(h/t: Scalzi!)


This is a link to another blog.

I’m getting ready to run out to orchestra rehearsal (yes it’s that time of year again) and have my trombone in my hand. I just wanted to quickly share this link to an epic METApost. Enjoy! (h/t Kate Harding. Thanks!)


Does the light side really matter?

I hated Episodes I, II, and III of the Star Wars trilogy.


I just think George Lucas did a fantastically terrible job with extraordinarly difficult subject matter. All three of those movies were a damn shame, but this video is so good, it makes me want to watch all three of them again.

(h/t: Living400: thank you! You made my evening!)


Creating My Own Content

I read a great post a couple of weeks ago over on The Life of Leo (h/t: Felicia Day). Musing on his frustrations with Google Buzz, Leo realized that in sharing and participating on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook and the like, he was essentially creating content for websites which he didn’t actually own. It got me thinking about how Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr have becoming a major distraction for me while my two blogs have languished. It’s not just my blogs, either. I admit to letting more than a little of my real life houseworky things slide in favor of checking Facebook and reading my Twitter and Tumbler feeds. I realized, like Leo, that rather than enriching my life, social networking sites have actually detracted from it. Don’t get me wrong, I think that for many people, this isn’t necessarily the case at all, but for me and my situation, I’m simply unable to manage it all. Life is too short to feel overwhelmed by the internet. Never mind that the content I create for those sites does not actually belong to me.

So to that end, I’m done, and I’m taking back control of how I spend my time. I will no longer be posting to Twitter or Tumbler , and I am going to start limiting the amount of time I spend on Facebook as well and any links or random thoughts I have to share, I’m just going to post here. So there.

Current Events

An Adventure

Today, a trip to our local closest Ikea store allowed us to gawk at Hurricane Earl as it blew by Connecticut late this afternoon.

There was a good stiff breeze

and the highest tide we’ve ever seen when we come up here (although, I think it’s because we’ve never been up there at high tide before).

The clouds were ominous, but there was only a slight sprinkling of rain.

We lucked out.