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When did knitter become synonymous with ninja?

I mean honestly? Today on the weather channel I listened to an exchange between the two anchors about the extremely long weather delays today at the New York airports. “So don’t forget to grab a good book or some knitting!” the first anchor said, to which the other anchor replied “is knitting even *allowed* in airports?”


When has a terrorist EVER taken down a plane with his or her knitting implements? I mean, I can’t even think of an instance of this happening in *fiction*. Is there a secret cadre of knitting ninjas out there that I am not aware of?

8 thoughts on “When did knitter become synonymous with ninja?

  1. Knitting needles are sharp and long. They are potential weapons, thus, like scissors and multi-tools, they aren’t allowed on aircraft. (:

    1. I am well aware of the “reasoning” behind the thinking. The pet peeve is that 1) as far as I know, NO knitting needles have ever been used as a weapon and 2) pencils and pens are as sharp as knitting needles but no one ever thinks twice about bringing THEM on a plane. It defies logic!

  2. in an episode of NCIS, the bad guy stole a knitting needle from a passenger and killed the air marshal with it. totally made me glad I don’t use those looooooong straights. (if I recall correctly, they were 8’s :))

    1. I reply by pointing you at this blog post at Oregon Live.

      To be fair, I had not heard of this episode of NCIS. I still think that knitting needles would make lousy murder weapons…

  3. It’s like that joke where the little old lady was accuesd of being an air threat because she was “knitting an afghan”…

    Seriously, though, if there are knitting ninjas, I wanna join!

  4. Google “tsa knitting”. Knitting needles are permitted, even your scissors to snip the yarn are okay in carry-on. (As long as they are shorter than 4 inches.)

    1. Oh, I know that knitting needles are allowed. It’s the automatic assumption by non-knitters that knitting implements are potential weapons that bugs me. Knitters are just automatically equated with ninjas FOR NO GOOD REASON. That’s what gets my goat.

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