Bad days are not good for blogging

It looks like it will be a shitty end to an already shitty day, so I don’t actually have much to say to the blog tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I’ll have more to share. See you then.

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Here’s a silly video.

Egypt watch continues, tensions are escalating. Unable to form complete sentences. Needed something silly.


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Protest Like an Egyptian

I am completely captivated by what is happening in Egypt right now. Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the main square in Cairo, ignoring the curfew imposed by President Mubarak, shouting and waving Egyptian flags. The place is lousy with military personnel, but the protest today is largely peaceful in that the military does not appear to be interested in dispersing the crowd by use of deadly (or otherwise) force. has a wonderful timeline that was originally posted at 1 pm on Tuesday and was updated frequently until about 730 EST last night. This morning I am watching the coverage on Aljazeera. The energy of the crowd is just amazing and I just can’t look away.

The crushing vastness of my ignorance on the matter prevents me from forming an opinion other than to hope for the best for the protesters as night falls and to watch in fascination as people challenge their authoritarian government in an historic uprising.

UPDATE 1:03 pm EST: It looks like the MoJo article was updated this morning and they included a great link to the NYTimes interactive map of the protests. Check it out!


Cheeky! Updated and Blue Blossom Redux

Item the first: My friend stopped by today to try on her Cheeky! pants. They fit her fabulously in the front, but the back needs some more short rows. And not where the pattern says to put them. That’s okay, I marked where I think they should go and I believe I can continue on without having to rip the whole thing out and start over, so yay!

Item the second: I cast on (again) for the Blue Blossom Shawl yesterday and worked through the first chart and the first increase row:

This part of the shawl is so much fun to knit! The pattern is simple, and it goes quickly because there are only a few stitches to knit.

Item the third: I created a account. Ask me anything and I shall attempt to answer in blog post form.



The Cheeky! Pants are Being Fresh

I fear that I might be having gauge issues, even though my ruler says otherwise.

The intended recipient is coming over for a fitting, hopefully tomorrow.

please don’t be too big please don’t be too big please don’t be too big


In Which I Try Not to Discuss The Weather

So yeah. It has been one of those days. Our homeschool group’s activity was cancelled today because of the, uh ….  something, and my kid had a doctor’s appointment, after which we went to the pharmacy followed by a quick stop at the super market for bananas. (Even if the pantry and refrigerator are totally full of food, I always feel completely hubbarded if I don’t have any bananas in the house.)  When we got back home, I promptly crawled into bed and took a nap. Fuck it. Here’s a picture of a flower:




More Snow? Really?

Yes, really. We woke up to more snow today, and another Nor’Easter is barreling toward us as we speak. Right now there is an army of landscapers in the courtyard of our condo, equipped with leaf blowers and snow shovels, clearing the pathways so that more snow can cover them tomorrow. More snow. And the typically snowiest month for Connecticut (February) is still to come.

Not that I am complaining. I mean, I am well aware that I live in Connecticut and that in the winter we get snow here. I’m just sayin’. We’ve had a lot of snow and winter is not remotely over.

*wanders off to read some Robert Frost*