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Post a Day Challenge 2011

For some strange reason, this really appealed to me, so I’m really going to go for it. I’ve already posted two days in a row, how hard could it really be? (kidding!) Anyway, I’ve been mulling it over all day so I figured I should just go ahead and make it official. Wish me luck everyone!

4 thoughts on “Post a Day Challenge 2011

  1. Good luck. Sometimes when faced with a blank piece of paper (or screen), it is hard to come up with something witty or meaningful. You don’t have to. You just have to say “hello” to us, and we will be pleased to be part of your life. Thanks for all the good information and all the care you take on your blog.

  2. You go girlfriend! I’ve been contemplating similar bloggy goals myself, though I don’t know how realistic that would be. Still, even just a photo counts right? Good luck!

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