The official snowfall total for my area is 24.1 inches. On top of the 25 or 30 inches of snow from the 2 previous storms.

Here are the bushes outside my door:

My little car:

The other side:

There was an imperial ass-ton of snow out there people. LITERALLY. And now it’s time for cookie baking. I’m pretty sure I earned a cookie.

5 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. ugh two feet of frozen hell.

    also, I was just thinking about cookies, and how I deserve to have a cookie for telling you how awesome you are, and LO! you are making cookies.

    wheres my cookie?

  2. So fun! I think Dave spent about an hour with the snow blower (in our small driveway) and there’s still snow.

    Hope your cookies were yummy. I just ate chocolate & made pizza (gluten-free for me this time!)

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