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Protest Like an Egyptian

I am completely captivated by what is happening in Egypt right now. Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the main square in Cairo, ignoring the curfew imposed by President Mubarak, shouting and waving Egyptian flags. The place is lousy with military personnel, but the protest today is largely peaceful in that the military does not appear to be interested in dispersing the crowd by use of deadly (or otherwise) force. has a wonderful timeline that was originally posted at 1 pm on Tuesday and was updated frequently until about 730 EST last night. This morning I am watching the coverage on Aljazeera. The energy of the crowd is just amazing and I just can’t look away.

The crushing vastness of my ignorance on the matter prevents me from forming an opinion other than to hope for the best for the protesters as night falls and to watch in fascination as people challenge their authoritarian government in an historic uprising.

UPDATE 1:03 pm EST: It looks like the MoJo article was updated this morning and they included a great link to the NYTimes interactive map of the protests. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Protest Like an Egyptian

  1. I was sad to read yesterday that someone broke into the National Museum and ripped the heads off two mummies. I can understand protesting but I can’t understand destroying national treasures.

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