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I Give Up–NOT

Hey guys! I was going to come in here and be all “THIS SUX I QUIT!” But while I was fixing myself a cup of tea just now, I had a change of heart. I mean, by this point I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of posting to my blog every single day, but sometimes the posts really suck. I know that, and it kind of drives me a little crazy. I mean, not every day has a blog-worthy happening. I mean, honestly, how could it? But then I looked over my blog posts since I started this whole project and I realized that not all my posts are THAT sucky. And, you know what? It’s fun seeing all that content on this website. Content that I created. So screw you hater-Me! I’m going to keep on bloggin’, right on through to the end of the year (and beyond?).


5 thoughts on “I Give Up–NOT

  1. You are to be congratulated. You actually post something, more often than not. I, on the other hand, am too chicken to have a blog. You are a creative, entertaining person. Thank you for being willing to share your life.

  2. One time, I saw a turtle covered in leaches, so I scraped them off and sent him back on his merry and leachless way.

    Pretend that is an idiom that somehow relates to this post.

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