Another Tale From Yesterday

In an effort to get some of my energy back, I’ve been trying to get a little bit of exercise. The idea is to do a little every day, but I confess that it’s incredibly difficult to stick to the plan when I am so tired I can barely get through the day without a nap. And this past gloomy, rainy week wasn’t any help either. Yesterday, I finally managed to get out of the house with the boys for a walk down our street and back. The round trip is a nice, flat half mile. Our tree-lined street is a one nice, too. With the except of our condo and the blue condos you see in the picture below, all of the houses are old Victorians, most of which have been converted to multi-family homes, but they are still lovely. It was a nice walk, in spite of yesterday’s shitty ass weather.

There were some puddles to splash in

and lots of flowers (a miracle, given the lack of sunshine)

(the lilac hedge has got to be my favorite!)

It was such a nice walk that we went again today (I didn’t bring the camera this time though). I still had to have a nap today, but it was still nice to get out of the house. :-)