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Oh My Would You Look at the Time!

Yup, it’s late. After 11pm and I still don’t have a blog post up. IN ADDITION! I am having an incredibly difficult time coming up with something to blog about. AND SO!  To that end, something completely and utterly random: my to-do list for tomorrow.

1. Get to the bottom of the laundry hamper. I know this is a tough one, especially for this family of four, but I’m this close…

2. Get my hair cut. I actually cannot remember the last time I had a hair cut, which definitely means it’s time for at least a trim. My appointment’s at 1 pm.

3. Give the mister a hair cut. Always fun. BZZZZZT!

4. Get the boys’ hair cut. Every one’s looking a little shaggy here, I guess.

5. Get the herb plants I bought this week planted into my containers. I’m not a very good gardener, but I like to at least make a token effort this time of year.

6. Get at least 1 pattern repeat of my sister’s shawl done. I’ve managed to do 2 repeats so far, so there’s only 10 more to go!

What do you all have to get done this weekend?