So That Happened

So, the sleep study was interesting. They hooked me up to all manner of wires and sensors, including one that went across my face and under my nose,

and then I attempted to sleep. I say attempted because I really did have a hard time sleeping. Not only is it really difficult to fall asleep when you are aware of something on your face and under your nose, but I was also kind of excited about the sleep study, so every time I felt myself starting to drift off, I would wake myself up thinking “OMG I’m falling asleep! SQUEE!” Then at some point my minder asked me to sleep on my back for a while, but because I am paranoid about sleep apnea I have kind of trained myself not to sleep on my back and so I didn’t really sleep for that part of the study. Also, there was one sensor on my scalp which kept coming off and had to be reapplied a couple of times during the night.

So yeah, it was a pretty rough night, although my minder told me I did get some sleep even though I felt like I didn’t get any. And I didn’t get to try a CPAP during sleep either, which was kind of disappointing because it means I will likely have to have another study done.

Verdict: Sleep studies are not as fun as they sound.