Checking In

If anyone out there is wondering, yes I am still in the land of the living. The last couple of weeks around here have been crazy busy, and so therefore extremely draining. But, at least the cats have been inspected and inoculated, and I have a new pair of glasses headed my way. (Hooray for the Internet!) There might have been an acupuncture treatment in there too, as well as a couple of trips to the beach. *whew* I have been knitting too, but I never seem to think of taking any pictures before the sun goes down. So, yes I am here, and yes I am thinking of the Blog. Maybe one day I won’t be too exhausted to be interesting.

How is your summer going?

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Mom came and went without drama. Amazing. I am only slightly depressed/hungover. Hooray for adult progress. I got a promotion (which I think you know). Everything else is in semi-stasis. : /

    I am curious how your specialist’s appointment that you FB’d about went, and how you’re feeling in general. Also enjoying your thematic fickleness, and I’ll get down to your cookies, I promise, as soon as I replenish (re-mix, that would be) by GF blend.

  2. Meh. I knew you were alive, thanks to Facebook. ; ) Now, you quit posting there and I’m sending out the search parties.

    What are your thoughts on the acupuncture? I’ve thought about going, but wanted to hear someone’s personal experiences.

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