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i’m not dead yet

So just a quick post to say that this has pretty much been a crappy week, asthma-wise. I am still alive, but there has been a visit to the ER and also the pulmonologist. I was feeling relatively better until today when my asthma flared up again while I was out shopping. I am hoping not to have to see the ER again. As a side note: PEOPLE, YOU’RE SHOPPING FOR SNACKS FOR THE SUPER BOWL, NOT FUCKING JUDGEMENT DAY. CALM YOUR SHIT DOWN.

Lastly, here is my sock in progress:


2 thoughts on “i’m not dead yet

  1. Word. People need to stop treating fucking sports like it’s going to level the injustices in their own lives or something, and use it as a substitute for actually focusing on the things they need to accomplish.

    Oh, wait, I forgot there was a whole socio-political theory about that. So long as they eat their Doritos and don’t fucking VOTE and mess up my liberal elite agenda, then I’ll just say– go on with your football, then. Enjoy. : p

    Also, ER visits are poopy, and your lungs need to behave.

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