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Sprouted Cap

After I finished the garter stitch layette, I was ready for something a little less garter-stitch-paired-with-unusual-constructiony, so I went for Diane Soucy’s Easy Baby Cardigan.

I love this pattern. It’s so quick and easy, and very very cute. I like to make the collared version, so as soon as I cast off, I started thinking about a hat to go with it, and finally came up with this:

Sprouted Cap

And so can you!

Using a circular needle appropriate for magic looping, CO 3 stitches.
Slide them to the other side of the needle as if to start an icord. Make into each stitch a twirly tendril (as shown in this youtube video from Cat Bordhi. Use the the Annie Modesitt way she shows you first). Slide stitches to other end of needle as if for another row of icord. Kfb into each stitch so you now have 6 sts. Begin working in magic loop with 3 stitches on each needle. Knit one round plain.

rnd 1: yo, k1, repeat to end
rnd 2 and all even rounds: knit plain
(don’t forget to knit into back loops of the yarn overs to twist them shut)
rnd 3: yo, k2, repeat to end
rnd 5: yo, k3, repeat to end
rnd 7: yo, k4, repeat to end
continue as established until you have 27 sts on each needle.

Stop increasing and work in stst until the hat measures 3.75″ from last increase round.

To form a picot edge, work one round of yo, k2tog around, then work about 1/2 inch stst stitch. BO loosely and break yarn, leaving a long tail for hemming. Fold over to the inside from the yo row and hem down.

Use this cap to embellish your favorite fresh baby!