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At last it’s finished, and I absolutely adore it!


The colors are so bright and cheerful!

And it is so warm and cozy, too! Now I can’t wait for it to get well and truly cold!


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What, what?

After I cast off Catkin a few days ago, I came down with a rather nasty cold, and so, even though it’s technically finished, I still haven’t blocked it or sewn on the buttons. I hope to do all that today and have a photo shoot with the thing tomorrow. Meantime, I’m going to try and get outside for a little while today. Why yes, I would like some 60° sunshine on January 7th, thank you very much.


Almost There

Here is Catkin, 2 rows shy of casting off.


I have no idea how big the thing is, it’s jammed so tightly on the needles. I guess we’ll see. *girds self*

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2011: My Knitting Year (As Is Tradition)


What a productive year 2011 was! So many hats! I did quite a lot of sewing, too, evidently.

Next year I hope to make several pairs of socks, to replace the 3 pairs I have lost so far this year to wear, and I’ve also promised E more than a few tiny toys from Mochimochi land. Luckily those knit up quickly. Happy New Year to all!

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It’s done, and about damn time, too.

This hat would’ve been done a lot sooner if I didn’t have to knit it so many times.

I hope my mom likes it.

Here’s how I did it:
Earflaps (make 2)
Cast on 9
slip 1, knit to end
slip 1, yo, knit 7, yo, knit 1
slip 1, knit to end
slip 1, yo, knit 9, yo, knit 1
slip 1, knit to end
slip 1, yo, knit 11, yo, knit 1

knit until there are 9 garter ridges

CO 14 sts onto the tip of the right needle. Knit across the second earflap. CO 16 sts onto the tip of the right needle. You should now have 56 stitches. Join and begin working in round. make 4 (or 5, my brim is a little too narrow) garter stitch ridges. Switch to Unoriginal Hat pattern.

work set up round
work rows 1-16 of chart
work row 16 again
work rest of chart

Decide the back of your hat isn’t long enough and do a row of DC along back edge for a back “flap”. Call it good because this thing is killing you.


This Damn Hat is Cursed

So, the hell that is Christmas gift knitting continues as I try, unsuccessfully, to mash two popular knitting patterns together. The idea is to take the bottom of Thorpe and hook it on to the Unoriginal Hat. I started at the bottom, knitting two little earflaps and a garter stitch hat band and then began working the chart for Unoriginal. I dutifully followed the directions, repeating the chart twice.

So then I frogged back one repeat:

Which I actually thought looked really good until I did the round of HDC around the edge.

Seriously, WTF?

So then that since the earflaps were too short anyway (because I got confused by the pattern and only worked the decrease section (which I did as increases)), and because the cabled section was too tight, I decided I would go ahead and frog it back to the beginning and make longer earflaps on a larger needle size.

Not only is the hat way too big, but the earflaps are way too long. Gah! If it weren’t something I were giving as a gift (and also if the yarn weren’t that baby-melting acrylic) I would throw the damn thing in the fire (if we had a fire). But no, it’s for my mom and so I persevere.

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Bad knitting mojo stinks. I’ve cast on, almost finished, and frogged the same hat five times, and then, for a change of pace, I knit almost the entire outer sole of a felted clog on the wrong size needle. Actually, it was the very needle I was trying to make the hat with. BLAAAAARGH.

How is your holiday knitting going?


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Big Day Today

1. I finally got around to picking up a couch we ordered from Ikea back at the beginning of October. Now that it is in my house I despise the color, but I know I’ll get used to it. Also, I will be able to tone it down with some contrasting throw pillows and our gigantic sheepskin. We haven’t had a couch since June (or before, I can’t really remember when the last one gave up the ghost) so the cats are extremely excited to finally have something to sit on. I am too, I admit, even though the thing is rather a bit more orange than I had expected.

2. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and talked my husband into upgrading from our crappy little cell phones to iPhones! After I finished assembling the couch we packed up the boys and headed over to the Apple store. We had to wait in line about 2 hours, and then it took a while to get the account set up since we switched from AT&T to Sprint (sorry AT&T!). But now I has an iPhone!! w00t!! Follow me on Twitter (@kniterrupted) because, theoretically, I can now tweet the crap out of everything.

3. I continue the slow march through Catkin chart 1. Here I am, a little way past the halfway point where I am very nearly about to run out of orange yarn. I suspected the yardage would be extremely tight, but I took a gamble on it anyway. Needless to say I’m not thrilled. Option 1: buy another hank of STR and be guaranteed the colorways won’t match. Option 2: frog it and reknit without the orange garter stripes in the first section. The colorway will match, but reknitting. Neither option is particularly appealing.

4. I cast on a plain and simple sock, specifically for knitting abroad. Isn’t it purty?

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These Clogs Are Made For Writing

1. I made some slippers! Felted Clogs to be precise.


I love this pattern and I’ve already committed myself to making two more pairs. One pair for the Mister and I think my sis might like a pair too.

2. I’ve been working on NaNoWriMo, but was unable to write yesterday because of some random family drama and didn’t write again today because of my arm is feeling all hurty again. I need to have a totally doable 6,200 word weekend to catch up, but am seriously considering just dropping out again this year. If my arm is going to be hurty, I think I’d kind of prefer to have some slippers at the end of it, if you know what I mean.

If you had to choose between NaNoWriMo and knitting, which would it be?

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SnowtoberFest 2011

So we are having a bit of a snow event here today. It’s been snowing steadily since about noon and we have about 8 inches on the ground as of this writing. It’s a wild and crazy early season nor’easter!

They are saying we’ll get about 15 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, which is pretty fucking wild, considering it’s only October and all the leaves aren’t even off the trees yet. I heard on Twitter that 2 trees are down on my street, making the street totally impassable.

My plan today was to carve jack o’lanterns with the boys, but it seems so out of place on a day where we are holed up inside hoping the power stays on and the snow just keeps piling up outside. Instead I am knitting:

Catkin is coming along. My needle is too short to spread it out for you, so you’ll just have to trust me, it’s gorgeous!

And, I started a pair of felted clogs:

I am trying to finish these up as quickly as possible because it is freakin’ freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth.