This Damn Hat is Cursed

So, the hell that is Christmas gift knitting continues as I try, unsuccessfully, to mash two popular knitting patterns together. The idea is to take the bottom of Thorpe and hook it on to the Unoriginal Hat. I started at the bottom, knitting two little earflaps and a garter stitch hat band and then began working the chart for Unoriginal. I dutifully followed the directions, repeating the chart twice.

So then I frogged back one repeat:

Which I actually thought looked really good until I did the round of HDC around the edge.

Seriously, WTF?

So then that since the earflaps were too short anyway (because I got confused by the pattern and only worked the decrease section (which I did as increases)), and because the cabled section was too tight, I decided I would go ahead and frog it back to the beginning and make longer earflaps on a larger needle size.

Not only is the hat way too big, but the earflaps are way too long. Gah! If it weren’t something I were giving as a gift (and also if the yarn weren’t that baby-melting acrylic) I would throw the damn thing in the fire (if we had a fire). But no, it’s for my mom and so I persevere.