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Day 1, Completed in 2013

Happy New Year to one and all! Look at me, starting off 2014 with a blog post.

2013 was a slow year for knitting. I had a pretty rough pregnancy and then I was busy with my most important FO. Besides, now that we live in Florida, my enthusiasm for woolen things has waned somewhat. I have so much wool. *sigh* I did manage to finish, well, cast off in any case, that shawl I’d been working on for forever. It makes a pretty decent baby blanket, if I do say so myself. I’m hoping to get back into knitting/crafting this year, though, and maybe even start blogging regularly again! Wouldn’t that be something!


How to Darn Socks

Yarn Harlot Style!

Hold the socks over the garbage can.

Proclaim loudly, “Darn it!” and release.

Repeat as necessary.

I admit, this is a rather disappointing development, considering that the socks in question were only a few months old. However, I have now learned a hard lesson about taking care of hand knits, even if the yarn is “superwash”. In the future, I will still use my washing machine to wash my hand knits, but only on the soak cycle and with a wool wash like Soak or Eucalan (and bad me for abusing the socks the way I did).

wip wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Alrighty then, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and post my Works in Progress today, but it’ll have to be quick because Wednesday is over in ten minutes. So, lemme see…

1. A square for this blanket.

2. Isaac’s black sweater

3. Clapotis

4. Master Knitter Swatches (no pictures, no comment)

As a bonus:

Finished: My first FO of 2008: 2’s socks,

and Isaac’s sweater (except for buttons),

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Coming Out of Retirement

Last night, I finished the Kitty Pi,

and then spent several hours playing around with my stash, trying to decide what to cast on next.

This is never an easy process for me. There’s just so much to chose from! I have an okay-sized stash with some yarn purchased for specific projects and a lot of other random yarn from projects I was going to do, but have since changed my mind about. Take, for example, the 5 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver that I picked up to knit into a bat costume for Isaac. Luckily, he changed his mind and decided instead to wear the awesome Jaguar costume I got for him at the second-hand store. But now I have a huge amount of yarn taking up an inordinate amount of space in my stash, yarn that I’m not all that excited about. I had considered giving it away, until I saw this on Ravelry. I’ll admit, I used to crochet a lot, but abandoned it entirely to make room for knitting. I really liked this project, however, and thought it would be nice to have a big warm afghan to keep in our living room. So, I decided to come out of crochet retirement and I hooked it on late last night.

Although, I wonder how much I will like this project when it turns into a gigantic plain black star, hah!

Also, I had this pair of toe-up Jaywalkers hibernating in my sock yarn stash. I decided to wake them up, in support of my friend Dawn who is wrestling with her own pair of Jaywalkers (knit in the traditional manner).

I figure these projects with keep me busy, at least through Christmas anyway, when Santa brings me a set of Knit Picks Options. Then I can cast on this and this and this. Yay! (Oh, and let’s not forget this.)

What is the process you use to decide what project to knit (or crochet) next? Do you struggle with it as much as I do?