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WIP Wednesday (pictureless edtion)

Oh, hey there. I just remembered that I have to do this blog thing again. Wednesdays are exceedingly bad for me as there is usually a lot going on. Normally we’d have our homeschool group, but today I had to go to the accountant instead (yay tax season!), after which was my weekly grocery run a couple of days late. Our cupboards were pretty bare, if you know what I mean. And, in 40 minutes my trombone and I will zip out the door for orchestra rehearsal. So yeah, busy day. And yet, SOMEHOW, shockingly, I managed to sneak in a few rounds of my sister’s shawl. I picked it up last night to work on while I was watching TV (which, actually didn’t happen because, frankly, I DON’T GIVE A FLYING RAT’S ASS ABOUT CHARLIE EFFING SHEEN) and at this stage (early) it’s still pretty small (under 200 stitches around). I forgot how fast it goes! And also how fun! I caught myself planning to do a whole pattern repeat every single day (only 4 days until the next increase round at which point the thing becomes a huge terrifying monster again). And THEN I was thinking I might actually even be able to finish it if I tried to do at least a half a pattern repeat a day (24 days of that). ZOMG you guys! I could totally finish that damn thing! FINISHED! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE? THEN I COULD CAST ONE ON FOR MYSELF!!!


Yeah. Anyway. We’ll see how I feel about it when my Cascade Eco arrives. Although, the sweater I’ve planned for it will knit up pretty quickly.

Anyhoo, I’m off to orchestra! Toodles!

Knitting · wip wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Remember WIP Wednesday? Well, Bubbles over at Alabama Fiber Dreams reminded us last week that such a thing exists and so this week we remembered to bring you a photo of our current knitting project:


We are making a hat for our Congressman for the WHNHH project and are expecting to mail it out by Friday since we are nearing the start of the crown decreases. (The crown decreases of this pattern please us so very much!) All of our other projects have been languishing, although we’re not really sure what the reason for that is. We would say that it is because we have been busy, but that would be lying.

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Whiskers on Wednesday+WIP=blog post

Posting has been rather light here at Chez Interrupted, so today I offer you a two for one. First, here’s my cat. You’ve seen him before.

This was about 5 seconds before he bit my leg. Oh yeah. Real funny.

And here’s my WIP:

Another sock for Summer of Socks (this will by my 4th pair).

Knitting · wip wednesday

WIP Wednesday

The Feather & Fan Cardigan is coming along.

I am seriously looking forward to the stockinette stitch portion. Oh wait. I have one more of these to do. *grumble*

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SOS and WsIP Wednesday

The sign-ups for the Summer of Socks opened today and close on May 15th. I participated last year and it was a blast!

The Feather and Fan Cardigan:

I am in over my head, people. Way over. Way, way over. I hope to have it finished by the first day of Summer of Socks so I can turn my focus to sock knitting. Optimistic? Probably. Possible? Not likely. And yet, I soldier on.

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WIP Wednesday 7

7? Already? Time really flies, doesn’t it?

Of course, Clapotis is still on the needles and I’m still trying to motivate working on the Master Knitter thing. There’s just no new progress to photograph. As always, the details of all my projects, should you be interested, are posted on Ravelry. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go read.

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WIP Wednesday 6


Now I’m off to the children’s museum! Cheers!

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WIP Wednesday is cancelled for today, please come back next week…

Since my WsIP are not all that interesting, please enjoy this link instead.

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WIP Wednesday 5

(Click on the photos for Raveled details.)

A quick note: this is probably the last time you will see this yarn and my attempts to make it into something useful. I know in my heart of hearts that the yarn will soften and feel a lot less like plastic with its first washing, but I just. can’t. stand. knitting with it. So I’m moving on, people. I’m going to be designing a yoke sweater for Mr. Interrupted (more on that later) and procuring some yarn for the Tangled Yoke cardigan for me. Bye-bye Red Heart Super Saver in black, hello KnitPicks March catalog! w00t!

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WIP Wednesday 4