It is tradition, here are Chez Interrupted, to post my New Year’s Resolutions. As I sit here today, reviewing previous posts and reflecting on the past year, I realize that this year’s resolutions are pretty much the same as last year’s, and the year before that. I guess that it’s easy, in a way, always trying to work on the same stuff, but does that really amount to improving myself?

Here’s my knitting to-do list for 2009

1. Finish my Master Knitter, level 1. (Only one swatch, the hat, and the written work left to do!)

2. Design and knit Mr. Interrupted’s Sweater of Rassilon. (Shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m planning on doing a seamless hybrid à la Elizabeth Zimmermann.)

3. Tackle Colorwork. (Time to finally get around to knitting Kate Gilbert’s Bird in Hand mittens.)

4. A lace shawl. (Kiri‘s been queued since November of 2007.)

And here’s my reading list for 2009 (I want to shoot for a book a month and am 3 books short. Any suggestions?)

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi
Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff
A Bad Spell in Yurt by C. Dale Brittain
Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman
Wings of Wrath by C.S. Friedman
A Memory of Light (the final WoT book) by Brandon Sanderson
Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen (the first NaNo novel to be made into a feature film (now filming))
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Lastly, yoga. Yeah. I’ll get right on that.


Upon Reflection

Back in January of 2007, I posted my New Year’s Resolutions. With the exception of the yoga, I think I did fairly well. I wrote, a lot–174 blog posts and a 50,000 word novel. And I knitted–a lot. Based on the success of last years resolutions, I present you with NYR08.

1. More reading/better writing. Being surrounded by language is essential for good writing and, since my ultimate goal is to improve my writing, that means more reading. Perhaps I will feature a reading list in my sidebar. I want to be funnier in my writing, too. My NaNo was dark and kind of depressing. So I am going to strive this year to infuse my writing (and my life) with a bit more humor and silliness. Also, I will endeavor for better story telling on my blog. Yes, I posted 174 times, but a good portion of those posts (especially recently) read like crappy newspaper stories. I would like to thank all those who have continued to read my blog in spite of all the drek I’ve posted.

2. More Yoga. I know I resolved to do more yoga last year, but if I don’t put it out there, I won’t do it. I’m going to shoot for two sessions a week.

3. More Knitting. In 2008, I would like to tackle color-work, like this, perhaps. Also, I would like to attempt lace knitting. Maybe something like this. Lastly, part of me feels like I’m not truly a Knitter until I’ve knitted an adult-sized sweater. So this is on my list, too.

I’d like to leave you with my favorite moment from my favorite TV show this year. In the best ever Doctor Who episode, Blink, the Doctor explains the true nature of Time.

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non linear, non subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibblely wobbly timey wimey… stuff.”

Happy New Year, everybody!



I blog about as often as I journal. Which is to say, never. That is bad. Writing is good. I want to write more–I need more writing in my life.

Here are my resoutions this year:

1. More writing. I need a creative outlet. I figure this blog can help. We’ll see. It hasn’t so far. Maybe I can try posting once a month?
2. More yoga. I’m shooting for 3 yoga sessions/week.
3. More knitting. Yes, that is a resolution, even though I am already knitting a lot. I’d like to try sweaters this year. I’ve been knitting with determination for about 3 years now and I still have not made a sweater. It’s about time I did. In fact, I’ve started a sweater for E. It’s the children’s neck-down cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. I love this pattern. I love this sweater, even though I’m knitting it in an inexpensive acryllic blend yarn. It’s soft, at least, and will be adorable on him.

Also, to add to my knitting, I’ve joined the yahoo monthly dishcloth knit along. This has been great fun so far, and a great practice for me at having UFO’s. Usually, with small projects especially, I will knit and knit and knit obsessively the one project until it’s finished. It turns out that when you have multiple projects going, you can switch back and forth and that’s fun because there’s variety. (I can thank the Doctor Who scarf for this revelation. I was very tempted to strangle myself with 16 feet of multi-striped garter stitch. The good news is I can see the light at the end of the time vortex–it’s almost finished.)

OK, so those are my resolutions. Not too unreasonable, I think. I guess I can post blogs about how they are going. I definitely want to post about knitting. I’ve been geeking out on all the knitting blogs (the Harlot is still my favorite by far) and, evidently, I really enjoy reading about what other people are knitting. Weird, I know.