Mondays are for Blogging

I really need to set aside some time just for blogging. Otherwise, as my dear readers can see, I just keep putting it off and putting it off and before I know it, a week has gone by when I promised I’d blog the next day. There hasn’t been too much going on here, but I did want to wax a little about E’s sweater and knitting with yarn you don’t like.

I had made a fair amount of progress on E’s sweater, when I realized I just didn’t like the yarn. No, “didn’t like” does not do justice to the feelings I was having for this yarn. I hated it. No, I loathed it. It was loathsome. Yes, that’s it. The yarn in which I was knitting E’s sweater was loathsome. It was scratchy. It was shiny. It was acrylic.

Up until this point, I had absolutely no problem knitting with acrylic. Acrylics have come a long way in the past few years. Yarn manufacturers have developed many fine, fun, and even soft yarns. However, my last few projects have mostly been from premium natural fibers–merino wool, cashmerino, Peruvian wool, etc. It sure did not take much to spoil me. Yes, when I first started knitting, I really didn’t see the difference between yarns (excepting of course the cost). But now… Well, why keep toiling at a project if the yarn you are using is an abomination? This is another thing I learned from the Doctor Who scarf. Yes, that was a tiresome project, but at least I liked the yarn. Buy the best yarn you can afford, dear reader. It makes all the difference in the world.

I’ll be casting on E’s sweater in the Artyarns today. I can’t wait.

One thought on “Mondays are for Blogging

  1. Okay! I’m so glad that E passed the screw! How awful is that! At least you noticed something was amiss and took him to the ER. Sigh. And again, thank goodness that it passed all on it’s own. Wow. I know what you mean about the acrylic. It takes something really amazing in an acryllic to make me want to knit with it right now. Sigh. I LOVE my sock yarn! I’ll have to send you more on that soon…Oh..and I have to send you a picture of Maia. She decided to compete with the boys for who had the worst injury before they were two. Sigh.

    Love ya!


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