5 for Monday (+1)

1. I am knitting away on E’s sweater–I adore the pattern and the yarn, so I’m loving this project.

2. I’ve finished the Christmas socks for E–have cast on the Christmas socks for I-6. Photos will be posted soon.

3. The March dishcloth is not going well. At some point, I didn’t increase or decrease where I should have and was a stitch short. I frogged it and will start it again later.

4. We went to a kid’s birthday party yesterday. A great time was had by all. Last night, I-6 had some questions about the birthday girl. I’ve transcribed the entire converstion verbatum because it was so funny:

“Mommy, is she five now?” he asked.
“Yes, she is five,” I replied.
“What comes after five?”
“What comes after six?”
“Seven,” I say. I’m also starting to feel impatient because he is supposed to be going to sleep.
He continues, “what comes after seven?”
So, ready to end this, I say, “Take a guess.”

I guess time is fluid when you’re 5. It’s also funny because the birthday kid really is 5 going on 43.

5. Perusing the blogs, I found this. Kind of fun. Apparantly, 1,397,854 people in US have the first name Jennifer. Only I have my last name.

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

6. My Elizabeth Zimmerman books arrived yesterday. I am so going to make a baby surprise jacket!

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