There’s Only Room For One Thing Right Now…

Oh my gosh, people. I have so much I want to blog about. I want to tell you how the sidewalk sale at the yarn shop went. I would love to show you the purchases I made and the huge undertaking I am planning. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the sumptuous yarns they were selling for 50% off, laying there on the tables, literally glowing in the sun? I have still the photos on my digital camera.

Let’s not forget the comments. People have been leaving comments and I haven’t been able to respond. Blogger doesn’t make it easy to just reply, as you may already know, so I was planning to do one of those “let’s answer the comments” posts.

Then there’s some haikus to share and some interview questions to answer and at least a dozen other things to post about, but you know what? All I can think about is that today, I am going to see the Harlot in Madison.