Fashion Forward?

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fashion trend-setter. I do my best to look presentable with what I can buy at Target or Lane Bryant. Occasionally, I watch What Not To Wear (US version) and I own the book written by the creators of the UK version. I have sort of a loose understanding of what’s in style and an even looser understanding of what looks good on my body, but I’m a stay at home mom. My primary goal is to be comfortable while chasing children and managing a household without wearing pajamas all day long.

Imagine my utter surprise when Buzz Feed posted these links. Now check out this, my little felted bag from January. And that’s not even the original. I based the dimensions on a tiny purse my friend Jen gave me as a bridesmaid gift when she got married 11 years ago (the strap on it finally gave out and I needed a replacement). I am really on the cutting edge of a new fashion trend or am I just having delusions of grandeur again? Oh dear.

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