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There is a “no screens after 8 am” rule in my house, mostly to keep the children from watching too much TV, but it also helps keep me from looking at the computer all day.

Today (and much of this week) is different. I volunteered to do the church newsletter for our church secretary who is going on vacation this week (lucky woman!). Before I had children, I did a lot of work with Quark Xpress, but St. James’ uses Microsoft Publisher, so “doing the newsletter” means I also have to “learn a new layout program”.

First impressions: I prefer Quark. And not just because I am more familiar with Quark. Quark is a much friendlier application for working with multiple pages of text boxes.

Also, this is cutting into my knitting time so I am feeling a little grumpy. Hear that? It’s my teeth grinding. *grr*

5 thoughts on “Chained

  1. Its a hard thing to do, to choose between a passion and everything else that happens in life. I think its good that youre doing something a little deifferent: makes you appreciate knitting more! Right?

  2. You’re right, Quark is much more flexible. It can be so frustrating to be limited by the software when you know there’s a better way. Hope the newsletter goes quickly.

  3. Jennifer, thanks. I’ve got the newsletter pretty much finished. I’m just waiting for content from the pastor and associate pastor. Hopefully I’ll see it before the thing goes to press on Thursday.

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