holiday cheer

Happy Halloween!

Have a fun, safe night out there!

What are you (or your kids?) dressing up as?

totally awesome sister

Swelling with Pride, Filled with Envy

I remember how I prodded my totally awesome sister into starting up a blog. She now has three blogs and has recently received some blog accolades. The best one (and the one least like a meme) was The Rising Blogger’s Post of the Day for the beautiful and poignant post she wrote about Autumn. (Go read it, if you haven’t already, it’s really quite lovely.) I am so proud of her.

Also, her authority on Technorati is now greater than mine.


It’s Official

Doozer is toilet-trained.

Last night, I removed the remains of the CitiKitty litter tray and sprinkled just a few grains of litter on the toilet seat (you know, as a hint). I admit, I was nervous. That tray was all that stood between me and shoveling cat litter every day. This morning, I woke to a cheerful “Mommy, Doozer made a poop in the potty!” sung out by my soon-to-be-six-year-old. Later, I caught the cat making number one in the potty, as well.

I am beyond thrilled. Now, if only potty training a two-year old were as effortless!

off topic

The View From Here

This* is what my Wednesday nights look like. I play with the local community orchestra, and we are rehearsing for our upcoming November concert.

Can you tell what instrument I play by where I sit in the orchestra?

*Sorry for the crappy Photoshop panoramic. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to Kinnear an entire orchestra when you are supposed to be counting measures? (click the image for a larger view)

cute kids

Happy Birthday!

Look Out!

EZ-E turned two today. Don’t let that beguiling smile beguile you. That one is trouble with a capital T.


Rhinebeck sucked.

…or Thoughts from a Rhinebeck Newbie

I wanted to love it the way everyone else does. I wanted to have a great time and make knitterly/bloggerly connections. I was so excited to see the sheep and the yarn and the spinners. I thought it would be great, and there were a few things that were good. But mostly, it was bad.

Good things:
1. Meeting Casey, the Father of Ravelry, at the Ravelry gathering (Mama Rav was too busy). I thanked him for all his hard work. Secretly, I wanted to kiss him. Ravelry is awesome and I love love love it.

2. The sheep auction. Usually when you see a sheep out in the pasture, their wool is all matted and covered in shit and dirt and they are smell-y! Or, they’ve just been shorn and they are stressed and naked and looking as they’ve just been violated. The sheep at the auction had been primped and cleaned and fluffed and perfumed. They were beautiful and it made we want to bring one home and let it sleep in my bed. Except, sheep aren’t cheap!

3. The drive up there. It was beautiful. I love this time of year.

Bad things:
1. The crowds. Were. Enormous. I wanted to show my kids the animals in the 4-H pens, but you had to wade through crowds two deep just to get to the railing. I wanted to admire all the beautiful, locally grown and processed yarns (and maybe even squish a few), but people were packed in, elbow to elbow in every single booth. On one hand, I am thrilled and awed by the sheer number of enthusiasts that exist for things having to do with sheep and wool. On the other hand, the vast crowds were noisy and rude and I find it incredibly difficult to shop for yarn when I am getting dirty looks for having a stroller. Oh yes, there was a definite anti-child vibe in the place. People, it’s a family event, you need to expect there to be children in attendance. I might add that the numerous children there were all exceedingly well behaved, including my own.

2. The food–not that good and very pricey.

3. No yarn deals–no show specials. The few booths I managed to squeeze myself into offered nothing I couldn’t get at my LYS (or online) for the same price (or less). A huge disappointment. I don’t think I’ll go back next year. Or next year. Or ever. I found the whole affair to be a stressful, money-sucking waste of gasoline.

Did you go to Rhinebeck? What, if anything, did you see or buy or learn? Is there any reason I should try and go back? If you loved it, tell me why.


Booty Club photos!

I just nipped out to the mailbox, and much to my surprise and delight, found that Booty Club yarn has arrived. Let me tell you, this club continues to kick serious ass. Look, needles! I didn’t even order needles. And, in 2 different sizes. Yarn Pirate, you rock!

This is not a colorway I would have picked out on my own at a yarn shop, but seriously, isn’t it awesome?!

Also, as an added bonus, I have the joy of hearing my two-year-old say, upon spying the yarn pirate logo, “Pirate, arrr!” Cute!


A Shopping List of Sorts

This weekend is Rhinebeck. I am very excited as this is my first year attending. The boys are looking forward to seeing all the fiber bearing creatures and I will bring the Turkish Spindle I picked up at the CT Sheep and Wool festival to see if someone will volunteer to give me an impromptu lesson. (Hey spinners! If you see me, HELP!)

Also, I am looking forward to the shopping. I don’t have anything in particular I am shopping for, but I won’t pass up the opportunity to purchase Cat Bordhi’s book should it arise. Also, if I spy some Socks that Rock or Fleece Artist, it’ll probably find its way home with me. (Yes, I am aware that I could get this stuff online, but what’s the fun in that?)

Are you going to be a Rhinebeck this year? What are you planning to buy?



Check out this Dalek jack-o-lantern. Thanks CraftyCrafty!


Newsday Tuesday 5

And now, the news.

Ohio School shooting –well, duh.

Marilyn Monroe pictures–who owns your image after you die?

House of Representatives’ resolution on Armenian Genocide–anyone remember the CURRENT WAR IN IRAQ?

Al Gore wins Nobel Prize, media wonders aloud if this means he will run for president–Al shares the prize with 2000 others, btw.

Tomorrow, a thank you speech. Have a great day, everyone!