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…cannot stop snickering.



Thought you might enjoy a peek at the contest prize. Last day to enter is Friday, 31 August, 2007.

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I created a yahoo account for the specific purpose of being my “public” contact. You know, when “registering” for websites, for my blogger business, etc. I get dozens of emails a day on that email address, not including the ones that are automatically filtered by the spam blocker. (I think the new term for all the mail you want, just not now is Bacn.) Now I almost never get any email on my home address. :-(

cute kids


First, a WIP:

Another Booga Bag, this time for me, with button hole handles instead of an i-cord strap. It’s been ages since I’ve knit up most of an entire ball of yarn in one evening. It was nice, mindless, barely have to watch it, going round and round, stockinette stitch while watching the movie “Fun With Dick and Jane“. Anybody else seen this movie? Am I the only one bothered by it?

SPOILER: I mean, here you have this affluent couple, newly unemployed and having to resort to robbing banks for money. It sounds like an amusing premise and Jim Carey was not overly annoying (neither was Tea Leoni), but it really disturbed me that is couple did not do a single thing to curb their rampant consumerism in the face of their job losses, or even when they were robbing banks to pay the bills. They just went right back to their “American dream” lifestyle without having learned a single lesson. I found that very upsetting.

Moving on. Look what I discovered in my local Trader Joe’s yesterday:

Squeaky cheese curds! This was my first time and, OMG, these are so freaking awesome. It was so hard not to eat the whole 10 oz. package. *YUM* I think I’m going to have cheese curds for breakfast.

Finally, I also took the boys to the park yesterday. Here is I pushing E on the swing.

Cute, huh?

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The Toe-up Tigers Are Done!

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The Toe-Up Tigers Are Done!

I finished them late last night while watching a movie on the TV machine. These were my first ever toe-up socks and the first pair I knitted simultaneously. I really enjoyed this method–no second sock syndrome! Instead of making two separate balls of yarn, I just pulled the yarn from the inside for one sock and the outside for the other. Once I got the hang of keeping the strands separate, it all went smoothly.

Stitch pattern: 5×1 rib
Yarn: Opal Rainforest
Colorway: Tiger (can’t you tell?)
Needles: 2 mm

Even thought I have some really amazing sock yarn in my stash I think I’m going to take a break from knitting only socks for now. I’m not sure what to cast on next, however. Either this or this. Or maybe this.

Oh, that reminds me. Isaac, who back in February decided he’d wanted to be a bat for Halloween, told me yesterday that he’d changed his mind and now wants to be a dragon. Luckily, he has a dragon costume already. Also, if he is going to change is mind every 5 minutes, he’s going to have to settle for something NOT knitted (hah).


Website Wednesday…

…happens to coincide with Shameless Promotion Day.


Blog Visitors Appreciation Day

Today is Tuesday, August 21–the day I write my 100th blog post. There was a time, not too long ago, that I believed 50 posts was a lot. Now I know better. Even a hundred posts doesn’t seem like that many.

I started blogging back in June of 2006, but didn’t really get going with it until after I’d changed the name of my blog and made a New Year’s resolution to blog more. The first 6 months in the life of my blog saw 3 posts. The following 8 months saw 97. Blogging about knitting (and other things) is almost as fun as knitting itself. In fact, I can’t even imagine my life without blogging, I enjoy it so much, and I can’t remember what I was doing instead of blogging in the months between Aug of 2006 and Jan of 2007.

Thanks to all the regular readers and occasional visitors to my blog, and thanks for all the wonderful comments (comments are awesome!). Thanks also to my Bloglines subscribers and to everyone who has linked to me from their blogs. You all have made blogging so much fun for me! Here’s to the next hundred posts!



Arrived today–Yarn Pirate booty! It’s a beautiful colorway. I can’t wait to see how it knits up.

Arrived yesterday:

Sterling silver findings and Swarovski crystal beads for the contest prize. Have you entered yet?


Fashion Forward?

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fashion trend-setter. I do my best to look presentable with what I can buy at Target or Lane Bryant. Occasionally, I watch What Not To Wear (US version) and I own the book written by the creators of the UK version. I have sort of a loose understanding of what’s in style and an even looser understanding of what looks good on my body, but I’m a stay at home mom. My primary goal is to be comfortable while chasing children and managing a household without wearing pajamas all day long.

Imagine my utter surprise when Buzz Feed posted these links. Now check out this, my little felted bag from January. And that’s not even the original. I based the dimensions on a tiny purse my friend Jen gave me as a bridesmaid gift when she got married 11 years ago (the strap on it finally gave out and I needed a replacement). I am really on the cutting edge of a new fashion trend or am I just having delusions of grandeur again? Oh dear.

Don’t forget to take the poll and leave a comment on yesterday’s post to enter the drawing for a set of hand-crafted stitch markers (made with Swarovski crystal beads!).