So, here’s the thing. I have a couple of huge posts I want to share. But the house is trashed. And I need to install a sink sprayer. And fix a bathtub drain. And do 500 other things today. Including stop at Trader Joe’s on the way to a play date. And again on the way back. Please hang in there with me–better posts are on the way. I promise.

In the mean time, please enjoy this YouTube video. (Thanks, Jess!)

PS–> I finished knitting the secret project last night, with yarn to spare (whoo-hoo!). Now I just need to steam and seam!

One thought on “Busy!

  1. Bah! To heck with the house and all the errands! Blogging trumps all! To be is to blog, and to blog is to be, doncha know?


    On a similar note, I’m waiting for the landlords to replace the garbage disposal so that we can wash the dishes…they are taking their sweet time…feh.

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