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Swelling with Pride, Filled with Envy

I remember how I prodded my totally awesome sister into starting up a blog. She now has three blogs and has recently received some blog accolades. The best one (and the one least like a meme) was The Rising Blogger’s Post of the Day for the beautiful and poignant post she wrote about Autumn. (Go read it, if you haven’t already, it’s really quite lovely.) I am so proud of her.

Also, her authority on Technorati is now greater than mine.

One thought on “Swelling with Pride, Filled with Envy

  1. Aw!

    You just made my technorati points go up some more.

    There’s no reason to be jealous!
    You’re a much better blogger than I am, seriously. You always have something to report or say…I feel like don’t have anything!

    I’m surprised people even read me at all.

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