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She Was Robbed

Apologies in advance if you have heard this story already because you follow me on G+ or are a friend on Facebook.

Yesterday my sister arrived home from work to find her apartment had been broken into. Stolen were her camera, her old Blackberry, her blender, but, the hardest loss was her MacBook Pro. She can live without the camera and her old Blackberry, but, as a deaf person, she relies heavily on her computer to communicate. On many levels, her computer was the only thing of value she owned. The loss hits her especially hard since she lives within a very tight budget (as we all do nowadays) and she will be unable to save enough money replace the computer for many years.

I never thought I’d be the type of person to post a plea for money on the internet, but at my urging, she has set up a ChipIn.com page. If you can help out, even a little, it would mean a lot.

Also, here is her blog post about it. Please read her story and consider helping if you are able.

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I Survived the Aporkalypse (probably).

I say probably because at no time was I tested for the H1N1 virus. That said, I did come down with influenza. Well, I assume that was the one which got me, and my doctor (with whom I spoke on the phone) agreed. Although it could have been the other, seasonal, flu which is also going around. I can tell you this, though. Having the flu sucks, but as far as flus go, this particular flu wasn’t all that horrific. I felt like I was hit by a truck, yes, but only for a day and a half or so. The rest of the week I felt like I was recovering–slowly getting better. So what did I do? I rested.

Check it out. I made another dishrag for my TAS:

I started a dishrag for myself:

And I finished my first handspun:

So, fear not the Hamthrax (or seasonal flu)! Most people who get it, like me, do not die.

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Bring Enough Knitting

One of my favorite things about being a knitter is that, as long as you remember to bring your knitting with you, you always have something to do.  But you have to make sure you bring enough. For example, this past weekend, I was doing a volunteer thing and was away from home (and teh internetz!) for a long time two days in a row. The first day, I went out of the house with my current sock in progress and an extra cake of sock yarn. I figured that I’d be away from home long enough to finish the one project and start on another. Only, when I sat down and got out my knitting, I couldn’t remember if I’d done the foot of the other sock with 5 repeats or 7 before turning the heel. And I didn’t want to have to frog back 2 repeats if I didn’t have to. I would have started the new sock, but I’d neglected to bring another set of needles. Lesson learned: ABEN (always bring extra needles).

The second day, I was naturally more prepared and packed 4 projects: my sock in progress, the new sock, some cotton yarn and a set of needles for a dishcloth for my TAS, and my sweater in progress. Having checked in with the other sock, I knew that I needed to do 7 pattern repeats before turning the heel. I did the pattern repeats, but decided that turning the heel would take more concentration that I had available to me, so I put it aside and got out my sweater project. I had two rows left to do before starting the lace pattern (for which there is an errata in my size and, naturally, I didn’t print out the errata before leaving home). Also, lace requires concentration and focus which I just didn’t have at that moment. So I put that down and took out the new sock, finishing the toe before realizing I hadn’t settled on a pattern for the rest of the sock. I stuffed it back into my bag, to be knitted after browsing Ravelry for patterns.

The dishcloth is what saved me that day.

Even if I could have been paying a little more attention…

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Whiskers on Wednesday

I find this picture, taken by my Totally Awesome Sister, to be somewhat disturbing. Although I’m not sure why…

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Thanks everyone!

So yeah, I’m back to knitting on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how awesome it is. I cast on two new projects and will probably cast on another new one today. But after my physical therapy appointment. If you ever get tendinitis, I highly recommend physical therapy. And acupuncture. Acupuncture is teh awesome.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment wishing me a speedy recovery. Ordinarily, I try to respond personally to each comment I get, but I really think that excessive typing on the computer is what really did me in. My desk is too small and there is no arm support, you see. I hope to remedy that this weekend with a trip to Ikea with my TAS. Who doesn’t love Ikea? Who doesn’t love my TAS?

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In which I piss of my TAS

My TAS thinks she started her own blog title thing and told me not to copy her. Well I am, today at least. Maybe the rest of the week. Ha! How’d you like them apples!

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Can’t Knit Now…

Even more shocking this weekend than a lack of knitting progress, was a lack of any knitting at all. You see, Saturday, I was busy with this:

Isn’t it sleek and beautiful? I’ve had my old machine since 2000, so this new laptop is an absolute SCREAMER!! I spent the better part of Saturday night and Sunday morning setting it up, but there’s still more to do. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates on a computer in eight years. Luckily, it’s the kind of stuff that doesn’t take up a lot of 3 dimensional space.

Finally, I took a break from my nifty new laptop and went with Mr. Interrupted and my Totally Awesome Sister over to our local library where Michael Whelan was giving a talk. He has been my favorite SciFi/Fantasy artist for as long as I can remember, so the lecture was a real treat. And the new stuff he has been working on is absolutely amazing. We bought a few of his prints that I can’t wait to have framed and displayed.

What’s that? You don’t believe for a minute that I didn’t knit at all? How well the blog knows me. I did finish the scarf for my TAS while at the WW meeting on Saturday. Here she is modeling it.

Isn’t she haute?

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Swelling with Pride, Filled with Envy

I remember how I prodded my totally awesome sister into starting up a blog. She now has three blogs and has recently received some blog accolades. The best one (and the one least like a meme) was The Rising Blogger’s Post of the Day for the beautiful and poignant post she wrote about Autumn. (Go read it, if you haven’t already, it’s really quite lovely.) I am so proud of her.

Also, her authority on Technorati is now greater than mine.

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Cat Portrait

My totally awesome sister did a portrait of Doozer for me. Isn’t it cute?

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The Monkey socks are on a time-out.

I made a mistake and am now faced with either tinking back all of the gusset stitches and (possibly) re-doing the entire heel flap or living with break in the pattern repeat across the top of the foot. I am annoyed and I can’t decide, so I put the project on a time-out.

The Booga Bag is finished. Photo in the Gallery.

I have the best sister in the world.

Here’s what she gave me for my birthday.

I am so blessed to have a sister who gets me. Thanks again, Rachel!

Finally, the big news in our family as of Friday is that we got a Wii. Normally a new game system in our house would be quite unremarkable and not at all worth mentioning on a blog which is supposed to be devoted to knitting. However, check out this game that came as part of the bundle:

Everything except the person riding that cow is textured to look like knitting. How cool is that?