Moving Day

I know this will come as news to everyone, but I have been thinking for some time about changing blog hosts. Part of the reason I was so distracted by the computer yesterday is that I was setting up my blog over here. One of the benefits will be that it will be easier to interact with my readers/commenters, which is what I believe to be the purpose of blogging in the first place. I do hope you will continue reading and commenting. So what are you hanging around here for? Head on over and let me know what you think! :-)



Today has been one of those days, spent mostly distracted by the computer and cleaning up after children and I have nothing of interest really to report. I seem to have lost my writing groove, but seriously? Who could blame me? I want to knit but whenever I pick up my needles, the project I’m working on just seems to flail around in my hands and I have no love for it. To top it off, Christmas is just 22 days away and I am behind. Really behind. Usually I get ready for Christmas in November, but I was otherwise occupied. It’s not just my knitting that’s flailing, it’s me.

*glub, glub*

Ah well, tomorrow is another day!