First Sentence Meme

I’ve seen this around and thought it would be fun. Let’s have a look back at a year of blogging, shall we? The idea is to post the first sentence from the first post of each month. Enjoy, and please feel free to use at will! (Thanks to Carole!)

I blog about as often as I journal.

We’re home from our trip to Florida.

I am knitting away on E’s sweater.

It has been a while since my last post and I think I ought to take care of that, even though there isn’t much to post about.

I don’t know how many posts I will do where the sole purpose is to point you to a link–this is my first–but I wanted to share this link with so many people, I figured this would be the easiest way.

It’s Faire season.

I woke up yesterday, feeling slightly nauseous and was, two hours later, in the throes of a vicious stomach flu.

…too busy getting ready to schlep up to Madison with my children to see the Yarn Harlot tomorrow.

…chosen by random sequence generation at, is Bellamoden!

I had to rip back a few inches of my secret project because I didn’t “short row down” enough stitches.

Remember when I mentioned that I would be too busy in the month of November for Holiday knitting?

Today has been one of those days, spent mostly distracted by the computer and cleaning up after children (including the 6′4″ child to whom I am married) and I have nothing of interest really to report.

This is a fun meme. I notice that I start a lot of blog posts with some variation of “I don’t have anything to blog about” but I always seem to come up with something. I think I’m going to resolve not to do that in the new year. Hah. That’s a post for another day! :-)