WIP Wednesday 2

It’s been a rough few days, spent mainly helping my children recover from the norovirus while I nursed a mild cold. The WsIP I showed you last week lay for the most part completely ignored and I cast on not one, but two new projects.

Sky Arch Socks (yes, these sky arch socks) for I-6, as well as

an alpaca scarf for E2.

Anybody else abandon last week’s WsIP for new ones this week?

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 2

  1. Hmmmm. That scarf looks like it will be warm and snuggly. It sounds like you guys could use a bit of warm and snuggly over there. Glad you guys are starting to feel better. Hugs sent your way!

  2. Hmm. my WIPs are breeding like rabbits as well. I think it’s the staying inside that makes them do that.

    Hope you and the little fellows are 100% soon!

  3. I hope you are all much better now. I have too much UFO guilt and FO longing to cast on anything new. I foolishly agreed to make a hat for someone. It’s got stuff I’ve never tried, and she requested modificaton. I’m not loving the project, as it’s to her taste. I was loving it more when I agreed then after I found out it was actually for her boyfriend. I wish she had said that in the first place. It should take me a couple of days to make a hat. It’s been two months and I’m halfway done. :P I will live vicariously through your new projects and FO’s.

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