Don’t Forget to Save the Yarn!!

We live on the second level of a ranch style condo. Recently our condo association decided to build a parking garage underneath the first story. So, we were all hanging out in the kitchen, visiting with someone (it isn’t clear who but I think it was my Totally Awesome Sister) when my husband said suddenly, “Hey, does the floor feel like it’s swaying back and forth?” We all looked out the window and became aware of a seesawing motion. I ran downstairs and outside to see what was going on.

Beneath the condos, I could see where the builders had been excavating for the parking garage and where the supports of our condo had shattered. It was balanced precariously on the center support beam! I hurried back upstairs and managed to evacuate everyone safely. Then, I decided to go back in and save my yarn (I am not making this up). I ran up the stairs, bracing myself against the wall to counter the violent sway of the walls and floor. I opened the closet where I keep my yarn and agonized over which skeins to rescue when the lurching motion became rather too intense to ignore. I grabbed a fluffy hank of roving in a colorway similar to this (only it was richer and flecked with glittery bits) and ran outside.

It was windy. I watched as the gusts pushed at my home, which continued to teeter back and forth in the most alarming manner, until it fell to the ground in the most spectacular and sickening thunderous crash. It was horrifying. I ran up to see if anything could be salvaged; if, by some miracle, any of my yarn had survived. Strangely, our big 42″ LCD TV was still working. Only, I realized that the builder had taken the TV. He was looting my condo! I started to lecture him. “First your BREAK our HOUSE and now you’re STEALING our TV?!” Boy, was I mad.

Then, I woke up.

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  1. Dude. House fell down? That’s why people keep their yarn in containers that they can grab. Of course the stash that lives all over the house might not make it. :D

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